Sherlock Series 4 Spoilers: Fans warned to expect “tragedy” in new series – Who will die?

by Anna Howell
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Fans of Sherlock have already been warned that the cast found the new series script “devastating” and now show co-creator, Mark Gatiss, has warned us to “expect tragedy” too when series 4 hits our screens!

A start date for the filming of series 4 of Sherlock has yet to be confirmed, with the only bit of news coming from camp Baker Street is that filming for the 2015 Christmas Special is expected to begin next February.

And as we reported yesterday, the Christmas Special is set to solve the mystery of Moriarty and his rise from the grave once and for all – But what can we expect from series 4?

Tragedy, apparently!

Mark Gattis has been hinting about future upset in the new series in a recent interview with Radio Times in which he is quoted as saying:

“You can always expect tragedy as well as adventure, that’s just how it goes.”

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Well, if the writers are following the original books by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle which the hit BBC detective series is based on, which let’s face it they very rarely do, the tragedy he could be taking about might be that of Watson’s wife Mary, who dies in the original books, but Gatiss was keeping very tight-lipped about whether or not this was the case, commenting only:

“Just because it’s in the stories doesn’t mean it’ll happen in the series because there’s an awful lot of changes and an awful lot of places to go and things to do,

“It should be clear by now that while, of course, Doyle is our absolute god, we have gone quite a long way away as well – we’ve introduced Sherlock and Mycroft’s parents [for instance], I don’t think they’ve ever been seen in any adaptation – so there are lots of surprises to come.”

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However, Martin Freeman, the actor who plays Watson, has always prepared himself for the death of his on-screen wife, incidentally played by his real life partner Amanda Abbington, having been previously quoted as saying:

“While we play fast and loose with the original stories, we generally follow the trajectory of what Conan Doyle did… So [John] gets married, and then Mary dies – so at some point presumably she’ll die.”

If it isn’t the death of Mary, what else could the tragedy be? Leave your thoughts and comments below, and watch a clip of Mary and Watson below: