Sherlock Spoilers: Andrew Scott says Moriarty was always going to return, and show is a surprise hit in China!

by Anna Howell
sherlock moriarty

sherlock moriarty

Whilst the entire nation was left gobsmacked by the series three finale of Sherlock, one of its main stars has revealed that the shock twist at the end was always planned!

After waiting for two years to get the answer to the biggest riddle this country had faced this century – How Sherlock managed to fake his own death, shortly after receiving the answer we were all placed back on the edge of our seats as the finale offered us almost exactly the same question.

At the end of series 2 of the hit BBC detective series fans were left scratching their heads when it was revealed that Sherlock’s suicide, jumping off the top of a high-rise building during The Reichenbach Fall, was in fact a stunt.

Two years later and we were finally let in on the trick which revolved around a giant crash mat, a carefully placed team of actors posing different distractions at certain times and a Sherlock look-a-like corpse.

Having barely digest this explanation, two episodes later we were back to square one as the finale, His Last Vow, revealed that Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) arch nemesis Moriarty (Andrew Scott), who had instructed him to take his own life, had faked his death too.

Fans will remember how Sherlock’s decision to jump came after Moriarty held his friends at gun point by a team of hidden assassins who were instructed to fire if Sherlock did not take the leap by Moriarty, who then pulled a gun on himself to set Sherlock up for murder in the process.

sherlock moriarty 1

However, in the very last scenes of last week’s gripping finale Sherlock, and the rest of the world via a hack into the planet’s media, was alerted to the fact that Moriarty was in fact still alive too!

This caused a bit of a stir amongst fans, some of whom voiced their opinions that they thought the ending had been a rushed job based on a last minute whim.

Since then show bosses have come out in force to deny this was the case, and now Andrew Scott, who plays Moriarty has insisted that it was always the plan for his menacing character to come back from the dead!

Discussing the shock ending with The Daily Star, the actor revealed how he always knew Moriarty would be back, and that he was happy to reprise the role, explaining:

“They didn’t have to convince me to come back because we knew all along Jim Moriarty would return.

“That’s what we always planned to do.

“I kept getting asked if Moriarty would ever return and I said they could assume whatever they pleased.

“It was always a question that was probably best unanswered.”

Meanwhile, with Sherlock mania sweeping the globe by storm, China has become the latest country to join the ranks of the show’s super fans, with five million residents tuning in on January 2 when the third series was streamed with Chinese subtitles on video hosting platform,!

The viewing figures made it the most popular video to ever be shown on the site, with online fan groups for Sherlock attracting thousands of members. There is even a Sherlock themed cafe opened by a Chinese fan in Shanghai!

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman his last vow

People of China have fallen in love with the show’s main stars, Benedict Cumberbatch who is known as Fuermosi in Chinese, or ‘Curly Fu’ for short, and Martin Freeman, whose name in Chinese is Huasheng, with both names currently leading the trends across Chinese media.

TV crime drama writer, Yu Fei, is quoted by The Metro newspaper as commenting:

“The Sherlock production team shoot something more like a movie, not just a TV drama,

“Our writers and producers face many restrictions and censorship. We cannot write about national security and high-level government departments.”
Sherlock is due to begin production on its fourth series as soon as possible – Watch Moriarty’s shock return in the clip below: