Sherlock Spoilers: Steven Moffat says Amanda Abbington has not been brought in to break up Sherlock/Watson bromance!

by Anna Howell
sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbatch amanda abbington

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbatch amanda abbington

The introduction of a love interest for either of the best loved crime fighting duo in British television history was never going to sit well with viewers, but Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat has revealed that it won’t destroy the bromance between Sherlock and Watson.

Sherlock has always based it’s episodes on original stories by the creative master that was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and so in keeping with his work Watson (Martin Freeman) had to get married to Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington).

However, in the original novels Morstan’s part was minimal, with only the wedding, and subsequent parting briefly mentioned, unlike the character we were introduced to in the last series.

Mary Morstan, who is played by the real life partner of Martin Freeman, surprised us all when, in the series finale His Last Vow, she turned out to be using a fake identity to hide the fact that in a previous life she was a trained assassin.

Then, to make matters even worse, she shot Sherlock when he found out and tried to expose her secret.

However, from the very first episode of series 3 there was a very obvious mutual respect and admiration between Sherlock and Mary, proved completely when, after finally letting Watson in on the truth, Sherlock vowed to stand by the couple and continue his friendship with his best friend’s new wife.

Fans don’t seem to be as forgiving though, and many have expressed their dislike of the third wheel that is Mary continuing in the show when it returns with series 4, but Steven Moffat has insisted that her presence will not destroy the dynamic between our two main characters.

sherlock martin freeman amanda abbington wedding

Abbington herself has addressed the criticism at this year’s Television Critics Association press tour, commenting:

“There was a lot of, ‘How could you bring her in, she’s such a non-character, I hate her already,

“[I thought] give it a minute, let them see what I’m doing.”

Adding this about her thoughts on Mary:

“I think she’s just very confident in her own skin. She likes Sherlock, she loves John, she wants him to get back together with his friend. She just doesn’t take any nonsense, and I kind of like that she’s a very strong character. You see that in the rest of the series.”

sherlock mary morstan

Meanwhile Moffat went on to acknowledge the risk he took introducing Mary, but insists the decision was a good one, explaining:

“The original Mary always liked Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock Holmes always liked her,

“I just think if you get it right, which we did, and we cast the right person, which we certainly did, then why wouldn’t you write her another lovely person to have fun with? She must be up for the adventure, and that’s what it’s about.”

Before going on to confirm that Mary will feature in the next series:

“Mary’s absolutely there, yeah … How would that be at the start of the next series? ‘Where’s Mary?’ ‘Dead.'”

Watch an interview with Sherlock creators’ Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss discussing series 3 in the clip below: