Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch says his catwalk debut was “terrifying” but look how gorgeous he is! (VIDEO)

Though he apparently STILL can’t get his head round the fact that he’s the thinking woman’s sex symbol, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has once again demonstrated that he’s really rather hot!

Taking to the catwalk at the inaugural London men’s fashion week, Benedict strutted down the stage suited and booted while sporting sexy slicked back hair and carrying a glass of whiskey.

However, he later revealed to GQ magazine that his model debut was “terrifying.”

He said, “I’ve done far more exposing things in the past and that was without doubt the most nervous I’ve ever been – it was terrifying!”

Benedict went on to say that he was “attempting to channel a slightly younger, less aged Hugh Hefner… that was what I was going for…”

He went on to say that the modeling was somewhat removed from his normal work.

He said, “Most actors I know can’t stand still [photo] shoots.

“Models are brilliant at puling a pose and coming out with characters and attitudes.

“Actors need continual action in a way – we need to be embroiled in something, like a conversation…

“But having said that it was good fun – and it’s a great adrenalin rush.”

Meanwhile, Sherlock fans…or those of you that have been ‘Sher-locked’! – will be glad to know that the handsome star isn’t planning on leaving the show any time soon. In fact, he’s keen to stay in the role as he ages, as he thinks having a look at an older version of the British detetcive would be very interesting.

Also, his – once naked – love interest Lara Pulver (aka Irene Adler) is hoping to return for the third season, due to start filming in early 2013. We don’t know how we’re going to wait a full year!

Here’s a video of Benedict strutting his stuff, and having the interview with GQ…

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    Love it and him. I;d have preffered him in less (wink wink) or a suit.

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