Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Lara Pulver (Irene Adler) are real life lovers, and Benedict has been helping his US counterpart, Johnny Lee Miller, prepare for his role in Elementary!

by Anna Howell

With both Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Lara Pulver recently calling time on their long-term relationships, not long after that naked scene we might add, it really was only a matter of time, we think, until their on-screen chemistry spilled over to their personal lives.

And it has!

Reports in the Daily Mail newspaper claim that Pulver, who attracted 100 complaints when her character stripped in front of Cumberbatch, and co-star Martin Freeman during the Sherlock episode ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’, was seen flirting with the handsome actor at last Thursdays at the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards, a ceremony where Cumberbatch picked up an award, as well as picking up Pulver to take along as his plus one!

A source told The Daily Mail: “They were completely engrossed with each other, taking photographs, holding hands, cuddling and laughing. Lara was following Benedict around the room. They were very affectionate together and Lara even tweeted a photograph of Benedict with his award.”

Pulver divorced her actor husband, Joshua Dallas last year while Benedict broke off a 12 his year relationship with actress Olivia Poulet.

Maybe it is this high in his personal life which has caused Benedict’s sudden good mood, and indeed change of attitude when it comes to the US adaptation of Sherlock, which he was so strongly against when it was created.

Elementary features Jonny Lee Miller playing the US version of Sherlock, who is portrayed as a tattooed ex-drug addict fresh out of rehab in New York, whilst the part of Watson is, controversially, played by a female, Hollywood star Lucy Liu to be precise!

This concept was blasted by the BBC, the network geniuses behind the hugely successful, and award-winning Cumberbatch version, with the actor himself speaking out at the time against the production of what he, and show writer, Steven Moffat, described as a rip-off of Sherlock.

However, reports in today’s Mirror newspaper suggest that despite being set against Elementary, which features much more sex and violence than Sherlock, Cumberbatch has stepped in to help the show’s star, Johnny Lee Miller, prepare for the role!

Speaking to the publication, Miller described the help he had been receiving from Benedict: “I would call Benedict up like a groupie after every episode came out and want to talk to him about it. And we had a discussion about this project as well.

“Benedict has been very, very supportive, and, you know, I wanted to reassure him about how different this script was and project was.

“We get to show a whole new side to him.

“At the end of the day, these are just television shows. Is there room on planet earth for another Sherlock Holmes? Yes, I think there probably is. It has been being made for close to 100 years.”

Elementary has already secured over 14million fans in the US, and in the new series is bound to cause even more heads to turn as Sherlock sets his sights on Watson, whilst she helps him solve unsolved murder cases.

Charlie’s Angels star Lucy, who plays ex hospital doctor Joan, said: “I know I’m going in and turning this character on its head.

“There is definitely a gender change from what is historically known as Doctor John Watson and a different chemistry that is involved.

“I think Joan is going to be a wonderful partner to him. She isn’t the perfect person and the flaws are going to make her just as interesting a character as Sherlock.”