Sherlock: Moriarty return was “wind up” says Steven Moffat: “You can’t fake shooting yourself in the face!”

by Anna Howell
sherlock moriarty

sherlock moriarty

The plot thickens!

Fans of Sherlock were left gobsmacked when, at the end of the series 3 finale, Sherlock’s arch nemesis Moriarty (Andrew Scott) suddenly appeared in a video clip which was apparently hacked into the world’s media, asking Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) “did you miss me?”

The reason this came as such a huge shock for viewers was because that at the end of series 2, just before Sherlock faked his own death, Moriarty could be seen shooting himself in the face, in a scene which left hardly any room for suspicion as to what the outcome of that action was.

But of course this is Sherlock, and for the two years that followed The Reichenbach Fall we were left scratching our heads trying to work out how Sherlock had survived jumping to his death from the top of St Bart’s hospital, not leaving much room for any speculation over Moriarty’s fate.

The answer finally came when series three returned to our screens on New Year’s Day when, in the opening episode The Empty Hearse, we were shown how a stunt was set up between Sherlock, Mycroft (Mark Gattis), Molly (Louise Brealey) and a team of homeless actors posing as doctors, nurses and cyclists.

And with that little mystery nicely wrapped up we were left to enjoy the rest of the series in relative understanding – that was until the very end scene where Moriarty popped up, which led to many of us researching ‘how to fake your own death’ again on Google!

But maybe we have all jumped the gun a bit….

sherlokc moriarty 3

After all, it was only a video, which could have been made at any time, and scheduled for broadcast way in advance, and according to Steven Moffat, one of the creators of the show, Moriarty’s death was so graphic it couldn’t have been fake!

Discussing the fact that Moriarty’s return was decided on the ‘cutting room floor’ Moffat is quoted by Digital Spy as saying:

“That was [decided] in the cutting room. It was Mark [Gatiss]’s idea to get one more little blip of him, and we shot the live action shot which we hadn’t done for the actual show and put that in after the credits.

“It was just a final little treat, really, to wind people up!”

sherlock moriarty 1

The writer then went on to joke how he was “as surprised as anyone” at the final scene, adding:

“He was definitely dead! You can’t fake shooting yourself in the face – part of his head came off,”

So, is Moriarty really dead? Or is this another trick on the shows part to keep us guessing, and talking about till the next series hits our screens (whenever that may be!) – We will have to wait and see!