Sherlock: Steven Moffat says show will continue as long as Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t get “too famous”!

by Anna Howell
sherlock benedict cumberbatch 1

sherlock benedict cumberbatch 1

It was the longest two years this country has endured this century as we sat, anxiously, on the edge of our seats waiting for the answer to the biggest and most head scratching riddle of all time – How Sherlock faked his own death!

Fans were left with open mouths at the end of the 2011 series 2 finale, The Reichenbach Fall, when Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) appeared to commit suicide by jumping off the top of St Bath’s hospital at the request of Moriarty (Andrew Scott), only to be seen alive and well in the final scene of the episode.

But due to the ridiculously busy schedules of the shows two main stars, Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, it was over two years before we could finally be let in on the secret when The Empty Hearse, the first episode from series 3 was broadcast on New Year’s Day.

Both Cumberbatch and Freeman have found global fame since appearing in the phenomenal BBC detective series, with both of them having their pick of all the great roles in film and TV as a result.

So far we have seen Cumberbatch turn to space playing the villainous John ‘Khan’ Harrison in the latest Star Trek: Into Darkness movie, whilst Freeman landed himself the leading role in the hugely popular Peter Jackson trilogy, The Hobbit – To name but a few examples of the duo’s ever-increasing popularity.

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman

This has left fans pondering over two possibilities – 1 – The next series of Sherlock will take just as long to be made, and 2 – Both stars would get so big that they wouldn’t come back.

Both Cumberbatch and Freeman have come out in the past to insist that they will remain loyal to their Baker Street roots and continue playing the infamous characters’ of Sherlock and Watson for as long as the show wants them too, putting many minds at rest.

And now co-creator of the show, Steven Moffat, has backed this up by revealing that the show will indeed go on – As long as Cumberbatch doesn’t become “too famous”!

Moffat, who has also commented earlier in the year that series 4 & 5 have already been planned and production planned to get underway “as quickly as possible”, made this statement during this year’s Television Critics Association press tour, where he emphasised on the actor’s growing fame and jam-packed schedule being pinnacle in the production schedule for the show.

The question remains, however, how famous is too famous? And who decides?

Watch an interview with Steven Moffat and co-creator, and Moriarty actor Mark Gatiss in the clip below: