Sherlock’s Moriarty actor, Andrew Scott, strips for new comedy!

by Anna Howell
sherlock moriarty

sherlock moriarty

It’s Moriarty as you have never seen him before – Not only is he half naked, but he is actually having fun!

We all know that in Sherlock Moriarty is no stranger to fun, having taken such great enjoyment out of terrorising the world and systematically bring national security to its knees, but the fun his actor Andrew Scott is pictured having in The Sun newspaper today is harmless!

Scott, who has had a varied career before taking on the role of Sherlock’s biggest nemesis Moriarty in the hit BBC detective series, has been pictured in the paper posing alongside his cast mates from his new Irish comedy film, The Stag, all wearing next to nothing!

In the new film, the trailer for which we have included at the bottom of this article, Scott’s character Darvin is on a mission to arrange a stag night for his ‘metrosexual’ pal Fionnan, played by Hugh O’Connor.

In a style which more than a little resembles that of the Hollywood blockbuster, The Hangover, the healthy walking weekend end Darvin organises is soon turned on its head by brother of the bride, known as The Machine, played by Peter McDonald, and the group finds themselves lost and naked.

sherlokc moriarty 3

Scott caused a media storm in the last series of Sherlock when his character Moriarty, who fans will remember shot himself in the head at the end of series 2, managed to hack all the worlds media from beyond the grave, apparently, in the very last scenes of Sherlock 3 to send a chilling message to Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch), causing the world to grasp and try and figure out how he could have survived, and whether he would be returning for series 4 – Whenever that will be made!

Still, while we all sit and wait patiently (for now anyway) you can get a bit of a Moriarty fix at least as The Stag is due to be released in British cinemas tomorrow (Friday March 14th) – Watch the official trailer for it in the clip below: