Sherlock’s Rupert Graves says he will do anything for cash… If he needs it!

by Anna Howell
sherlock lestrade rupert graves

sherlock lestrade rupert graves

Well, whilst the two year wait between series’ of Sherlock might suit its two main stars just fine, perhaps it is too long without a pay cheque for the rest of the cast.

Luckily for them, the success of the global phenomenon that is Sherlock means that they aren’t scraping around for other offers, but even still Rupert Graves insists that he would take any role for money!

The actor, who plays DI Lestrade in the hit BBC detective series and who is currently on screens in Last Tango in Halifax, has revealed in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph that he doesn’t “really care” what roles he takes on between series of Sherlock, as if he “needs cash” he will do “anything!”

The paper quotes Graves as saying on the matter:

“That’s how I earn money. “I have my family and I don’t have anything else.”

sherlock benedict cumberbatch rupert graves lestrade

Of course, we doubt he would class Sherlock in the ‘anything’ category with regards to starring in it, in fact the actor expressed his surprise at how big the show has got, and how crazy the fans have got as a result, explaining:

“Sherlock is the first thing I’ve been in where its fandom is fuelled by Twitter and social media,

“They can whip themselves into an absolute fury. It’s bizarre. The strength of it has surprised me.

“I’ve got somebody who is pretending to be me on Twitter, talking to friends of mine and insulting them – and then showing pictures of children’s legs saying, ‘this is my child sleeping.’”

That is a bit creepy! Imagine just how much more intense it would have been for Graves had got the part of Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, which he has previously expressed was a desire of his!

Last Tango in Halifax continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One / BBC One HD – Watch the trailer for the new series in the clip below: