Sherrie Hewson: I was attacked on Coronation Street!

by Anna Howell

Sherrie Hewson has claimed that she was attacked by a fellow cast member during her time on ITV’s Coronation Street, it has been reported.

Hewson, who played Maureen Holdsworth (nee Naylor) from 1993 – 1997, is set to release her autobiography in March detailing the attack.

Hewson told The Mirror that the man in question was a well-known member of the cast who targeted her in a frightening incident, which took place in the show’s canteen.

Speaking to the newspaper, Hewson explained: “This man suddenly jumped up and lunged at me. He started shouting – ranting at me that I had been spreading lies about him. I managed to stutter, ‘I haven’t, I haven’t’ – but then he grabbed me round the throat. Before I knew what was happening he had me up against the wall, almost throttling me, and getting hysterical.

“I was terrified. I couldn’t move and couldn’t have screamed because his hand was round my neck. His face was right up against mine and his eyes were full of hatred. I was starting to panic but at that moment someone else came into the room.

“He heard their footsteps, loosened his grip and then leaned in and kissed me. He made it look as if we were in a lovers’ clinch.”

Hewson added that the man in question had previously came on to her and always seemed “angry and unpredictable” after she spurned his advances.

She explained: “After he attacked me, he cooled towards me. I think he realised he’d gone too far but I was still scared if he was anywhere near me. I never said a thing to anyone about it. It might sound strange but it was a different era. I was being harassed behind the scenes in the world’s most famous soap but I did nothing.

“I know if I’d ever reported it to my bosses at Coronation Street, they would have immediately taken action, but I never said a word. My self-esteem was very low and I thought I’d brought it all on myself. I’m sure they’ll be horrified to read about it now because they would never have condoned it.”

Sherrie, who went on to become a regular panel member of the ‘Loose Women’ team, is Currently promoting her new autobiography, Sherrie: Behind The Laughter, which is released on March 3. The book sees her recall other memories from her time at Corrie and speak fondly about working with screen husband Ken Morley, who played Reg, ruling out him as a suspect.