Shocking new documentary set inside HMP Aylesbury to feature horrifying stand-off as an inmate is kidnapped and threatened with broken glass!

by Lynn Connolly

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It’s been revealed today that a documentary about life inside HMP Aylesbury is set to feature shocking scenes in which an inmate threatens to cut the throat of another prisoner using a broken bottle…

The film, which will air on ITV on February 18, will show three prisoners – who are all under 21 years of age – making the threat after “kidnapping” the inmate in question while barricaded in a cell.

The Sun reports, “And as prison officers desperately try to negotiate the hostage’s release, one of his baying captors is heard screaming: ‘I’ll slice his f****** neck to bits.’”

The tense stand-off took three hours to come to an end, and following their surrender, the three offenders who were threatening the other inmate were taken to the prison’s segregation wing.

However, the paper adds that while the prisoners have had their sentences extended for kidnap, they won’t face charges over the threats made because the victim is “too scared to testify.”

HMP Aylesbury is known to be one of the toughest in the UK, where one in five prisoners is serving life.

In the film, we’ll hear the prison’s induction officer Leanne Morgan remarking, “Every time anyone new comes in, they are nervous.

“The violent incidents that do take place are very, very serious.

“A lot of weapons are used.

“You could have a pool cue around the head, or a prison-made weapon in the throat, chest or forehead.

“And it’s not one-on-one here — it could be six-on-one. If staff didn’t intervene, potentially we could have deaths.”

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And director and producer Lee Phillips added, “The most horrendous incidents we saw won’t be shown, either because of sensitivity or because they are still going through the judicial process.

“Those incidents were very serious — they include the attempted murder of a prison officer who was stabbed in the face 20-plus times.”

ITV also recently aired Inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald, which offered an unprecedented look at how prisoners who are condemned to death cope with spending what remains of their lives behind bars.

Here’s a clip of Sir Trevor talking about the series recently…


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