Silent Witness – A Guilty Mind: Part 1

Silent Witness returns for a 14th series, delving into the world of forensic crime and the personal lives of the team.

In A Guilty Mind: Part 1, three patients die unexpectedly on the same ward at a London hospital, and Leo and Harry are called to the scene to investigate, where they meet DC Julia Catina and DI Frank Skipper.

Suspicion falls on Professor Nigel Silverlake, but when he is found dead in an apparent “suicide by cop” incident, Nikki is pressured by his daughter, Naomi, to find a physical cause for his breakdown.

Nikki is also embroiled in an investigation into James Bodle, suspected of killing and raping a young girl. She is finding it a very difficult case personally, and cannot seem to stop imagining the girl’s final, gruesome moments.

Bodle’s life was saved by Silverlake, and Nikki speculates that guilt at saving the murderer’s life may have driven Silverlake to breaking point. Worried that Nikki is becoming obsessed with the case, Harry urges her to move on from it. Later that night in her flat, she continues to be plagued by vivid images of the girl’s death.

The following day, Nikki is visited by Naomi who is desperate for Nikki to find a mitigating reason for her father’s breakdown. When Nikki is informed that Bodle has been judged mentally unfit to stand trial, she is more determined than ever to discover a physiological reason for Silverlake’s suicide.

A Guilty Mind was written by Timothy Prager and the cast features William Gaminara as Professor Leo Dalton, Tom Ward as Dr Harry Cunningham, Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander, Arsher Ali ass Zak Khan, Mark Lewis Jones as DI Frank Skipper, Kelly Harrison as DC Julia Catina, Sinead Keenan as Naomi Silverlake, Roy Marsden as Professor Nigel Silverlake, Michael Shaeffer as Jason Bodle and Sorcha Cusack as Miranda Silverlake.

Monday 3 January
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

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