Silk: Martha defends an Asian policewoman accused of racism

Martha has been forced to defend Rachna Ali, an Asian policewoman accused of racism, as Peter Moffat’s slick, fast-paced legal drama continues. However, at the same time, Mark Draper, the vulnerable teenager that she defended in episode three, has been arrested for murder. Martha wants to take the case but Billy insists Clive does it.

Despite admitting to making the racist comment, Rachna refuses to plead guilty. Suspicious that Rachna isn’t telling her something, Martha insists the police officer to whom Rachna made the comment, PC Johnson, is called to testify. Under pressure from Martha, PC Johnson reveals that he wasn’t offended by Rachna’s comment. The misconduct board find Rachna guilty but decide not to fire her; instead, they let her off with a caution.

Kate tries to garner support to get rid of Billy by getting Clive onside. Smelling a rat, Billy calls on another senior clerk, Keith, from another set of chambers to try to tempt Clive away. Later that night, Keith approaches Clive and offers him a superior position at his chambers. Seriously tempted, Clive goes to make sure Niamh is onboard as his pupil to leave with him. However, on returning, Clive discovers Billy waiting for him. He has been set up. Terrified that Billy could destroy his career, Clive agrees to spy on Kate and John and pass on information to Billy.

Martha Costello is played by Maxine Peake, Rachna Ali by Syreeta Kumar, Mark Draper by Reece Noi, Billy Lamb by Neil Stuke, Clive Reader by Rupert Penry-Jones, PC Johnson by Jimmy Akingbola, Kate Brockman by Nina Sosanya, Keith Wearing by Dorian Lough, Niamh Cranitch by Natalie Dormer and John by John MacMillan.

Tuesday 15 March
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

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