Single-Handed – episode 3 – Between Two Fires on ITV1 tonight!

Owen McDonnell reprises his role as police sergeant Jack Driscoll in the critically acclaimed drama SINGLE-HANDED.

And Simone Lahbib (Wire in the Blood, Monarch of the Glen), Matthew McNulty (Five Days, Lark Rise to Candleford) and Sean McGinley (Lewis, Republic of Doyle) join the cast for six new episodes filmed entirely on location in the wilds of Connemara.

The second series will see Jack Driscoll (McDonnell – Mount Pleasant) facing new challenges as he continues the lonely role of policing his rural terrain in the West of Ireland. Jack lives above the Garda station now. His deputy, Finbarr Colvin (David Herlihy) is opportunistic and venal which often leaves Jack working single-handed with back-up a very long way away.

There are many occasions when there is no time for the due legal process; natural justice is what Jack has to impose. And that is when he is morally tested. The community is watching him…and judging him.

In tonight’s episode sergeant Jack Driscoll (Owen McDonnell) arrives at a suspicious fire which his cousin’s girlfriend, Gemma (Simone Lahbib) has photographed. Jack’s old friends, the Kinsellas, reveal that they recently sold the stalled housing development to the new publican, Dennis Costello (Sean McGinley).

Jack discovers Finbarr (David Herlihy) has slipped Costello’s plans for a nightclub past him, fuelling his suspicions against the ex-Inspector. Then the body of Fiona Kinsella’s cousin, Niamh is discovered in the burnt out ruins. Could Niamh have taken her own life? Or did Costello employ her to burn the place down? Jack promises her distraught husband, Ollie (Aaron Monaghan), he will find her killer.

Gemma and Brian (Matthew McNulty) fall out over his plans to stake a claim to Eithne’s land and when Jack and Gemma come together during his investigation they share an intimate moment.

Jack finds photographic evidence that his old friend Killian Kinsella (Denis Foley) lied about not seeing the fire. Jack fears Killian may have done a deal with Costello to torch the development. Costello calls in Jack’s old boss ex-Garda Sergeant Jim Dooley (Connor Mullen), to deflect the evidence away from him.

Thursday, 28 July 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM ITV1

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