Sir Jimmy Savile police to quiz “some of Britain’s biggest rock stars” as part of Operation Yewtree

It’s been reported today that a number of the UK’s “biggest rock stars” are due to be questioned as part of the ongoing police inquiry into allegations of child sex abuse against the late Sir Jimmy Savile and “others.”

As part of Operation Yewtree, it’s expected that the latest round of arrests will relate to allegations that some stars of the music industry had sexual relations with underage “groupies” during the sixties and seventies.

We reported recently that PR guru Max Clifford had predicted this may happen, saying that many of those who will be – or have been accused – “never asked for anybody’s birth certificate.”

So far, Operation Yewtree officers have identified at least 450 abuse victims and of the investigation, Commander Peter Spindler said, “We are dealing with alleged abuse on an unprecedented scale…

“The profile of this operation has empowered a staggering number of victims to come forward to report the sexual exploitation which occurred during their childhood.”

The Daily Star adds, “Last week a TV personality in his 80s was ‘interviewed under caution’ by the team following a swoop on his home. Although he was not formally arrested, he was the fifth suspect to be questioned by the ‘Savile squad’.”

Convicted paedophile Gary Glitter was among the first to be arrested and questioned with regard to the investigation, and since then, Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr and ex-BBC producer Wilfred De’Ath have been arrested and bailed pending further inquiries.

Savile’s former chauffeur Ray Teret was also arrested on suspicion of raping three girls in the sixties and seventies.

Last week, Mark Williams-Thomas, whose ITV documentary Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile first raised awareness of Savile’s alleged paedophilia, said more high-profile arrests were on the way.

Here’s a reminder of his first Savile documentary…

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One Response to “Sir Jimmy Savile police to quiz “some of Britain’s biggest rock stars” as part of Operation Yewtree”

  1. Mel says:

    It’s a real shame the piece of work is dead. 450+ victims is absolutely diabolical -i wonder how many people committed suicide because nobody believed them. He actually admitted it in his autobiography from the 70s but, as ever, victims of rape and sexual abuse are just expected to ‘deal with it’ cos -heaven forbid- someone should lose their job! it was the same when i was little, people saw and they didn’t say a thing. it’s disgusting. i believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty’ so i am hoping there has been a mistake as far as Freddie Starr and Stewart Hall are concerned, though i doubt it. I hope the police catch every last one of them involved and let their victims decide their fate.