Sky Atlantic to air Robert Towne’s Pompeii

Sky have secured the exclusive UK rights to the upcoming mini-series POMPEII from Academy Award® winner Robert Towne (Chinatown, Mission Impossible), it was announced today at MIP TV.

Ridley Scott, Executive Producer, said: “I am thrilled that Robert will bring his trademark vision to this remarkable project. In portraying an historical world on the brink of destruction, he will no doubt capture and engage audiences globally. His adaptation will truly make for an astonishing television event.”

Robert Towne added: “All of us, I think, have fantasies about living in the past and POMPEII uniquely allows you to indulge that fantasy. The Harris book tells a compelling story with contemporary relevance. If you want an idea of what it was like to live life back then, POMPEII is it.”

Elaine Pyke, Head of Drama and Executive Producer of POMPEII commented: “This shows Sky Atlantic HD is committed to running the most epic, cinematic shows from the US, the UK and Europe. This is the first big international co-pro piece on the channel.”

Described by The Guardian as “A supremely good piece of storytelling”, POMPEII has been translated into more than 30 languages. In POMPEII, award-winning author Robert Harris (Fatherland, The Ghost) has created a suspenseful, blazing thriller about one of the greatest natural disasters in human history. When the mighty Aqua Augusta, the aqueduct-lifeline of the ancient cities of the Bay of Naples, suddenly starts to go dry, the newly assigned aqueduct engineer Marcus Attilius finds himself racing against time to keep the military and trade ports on the Bay alive. The young engineer doesn’t realize that he’s also in a race he can’t win against one of the deadliest forces of nature – the inconceivable power building under the quiet slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

Against the background of the final seventy-two hours before the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius, and driven by a desperate search for answers, Attilius struggles – along with Corelia, his new young love – to survive the catastrophic experience which for generations to come will be summed up by one word: POMPEII.

Acclaimed screenwriter Robert Towne has authored many notable film scripts The Last Detail and Shampoo as well as the first two Mission: Impossible films. Most recently Towne has been announced as writer-director of The 39 Steps, a 2011 remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic.