Sky axe Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker

Sky bosses have reportedly decided to axe Wayne Rooney’s TV show, because they fear he is a bad influence on children.

The reality TV series saw the premier league footballer – who is originally from a working class area of Liverpool – trying to find the most skilful street footballer in the United Kingdom.

The third series aired late in 2010, however insiders say that Sky executives have decided not to make a fourth, because they don’t think viewers can see past his past prostitute scandals.

Sky confirmed the news last night and a spokesperson told The News Of The World:

“The show was a great success for Sky1 but we have decided to try new formats and ideas, so we have no current plans for another series.”

However a TV insider added:

“Wayne isn’t viewed as a wholesome national hero any more. Sky could have gone forward with commissioning a new series but decided ‘No’.

“They don’t want to take the risk with him. The show just doesn’t work with the damage to Wayne’s reputation.

“When Sky launched the highly anticipated third series of Street Striker it was dubbed the sports world’s X Factor for aspiring soccer stars.

“Scrapping it is a huge blow for Wayne. The show was the most amazing showcase for him and it was his passion project.

“It portrayed him as more than a sportsman and tried to show the country he was a nice guy working with kids on their footie skills.

“Unfortunately that just didn’t match up with how he’s acted in public and also in his marriage.”

Last night a source close to Wayne insisted he would try to pitch the show to another TV channel.

The insider said: “Wayne owns the rights to the show and believes it’ll find a home on another channel. He won’t give up on it.”