Smash season finale “Bombshell” – there were more than a few surprises *SPOILERS*

Smash season one drew to a close in the US last night and it was an action packed, drama filled episode. If you haven’t watched the installment yet and don’t want to know what went down, then please don’t read on and if you do, please don’t tell us we ruined it for you…

Ok? Let’s go!

The big question on everyone’s lips, as the Marilyn musical took to the stage, was would Karen or Ivy be taking on the lead role, since Rebecca Duvall (Uma Thurman) staged her nut allergy incident and pulled out of the show in the penultimate episode of the series.

Writers have kept us guessing about who would shine on stage, Karen the official understudy, who has no real experience in the role, or Ivy, who was dropped in favour of a big named star weeks ago but who knows all the songs and staging back to front.

On last night’s finale, Derek (Jack Davenport) decided that he wanted to see Katharine McPhee’s Karen Cartwright as Marilyn, though he did get his way as Tom and Julia provided a more upbeat and crowd-pleasing conclusion to the show.

Poor Ivy was devastated, as her one time bed partner told her:

‘She just has something that you don’t!’

Some other ‘bombshells’ from the episode…..

Julia might be pregnant but who is the baby daddy? Most of the writer’s anguish this season has wrapped around her extra marital affair with Michael Swift but recently she has been trying to make a go of it with her husband and teenage son Leo. Before the opening of ‘Bombshell’ the red haired beauty threw up but claimed it was just last minute nerves causing the stomach upset. However, she teased viewers by admitting that the last time she vomited, she was pregnant…

Meanwhile, Michael tried once more to kiss Julia, though again she turned him down and insisted she is now dedicated to the future of her marriage and family. But we get the feeling things aren’t over between the pair just yet, after all Swift’s wife has left him and Julia could be about to bear his child.

We all knew it probably was him but in last night’s episode Ellis confirmed that it was him that slipped the nuts into Rebecca’s smoothie and as a result he was fired from the team. What surprised us was that he only admitted to the poisoning, because he thought it would result in Eileen promoting him to producer status……instead she sacked him. However he insisted that she hasn’t heard the last of him. Back to cause trouble in season two?

Ivy was so furious about Karen landing the role of Marilyn, that she told her about her recent night of passion with her fiance Dev, in a bid to throw her off her game. She proved that she was telling the truth, by presenting her rival with the engagement ring that Dev lost in her apartment. Luckily Derek was on hand to undue some of the damage and gave Karen an inspiring pep talk, telling her to channel her raw emotions into her performance.

In the end it all got too much for Ivy and we were led to believe that she may have attempted suicide, as the show closed. As the last song of “Bombshell” was being performed and the crowd were rapturous in their response to Karen as Marilyn, Ivy was filmed in her dressing room, pouring an entire bottle of pills into her palm. It isn’t shown whether or not she takes them, but judging by her penchant for the dramatic, we wouldn’t be shocked if she at least tries to kill herself, as a cry for attention if nothing else.

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