Time again for eight more would-be daredevils to join Steve Jones and co–host Nemone on the mighty tower of steel in the ultimate battle of wits, nerves and general knowledge.

In this game getting a question wrong involves more than just an embarrassing early exit – it means the contestants face being dropped, flung or pushed off the studio, quite literally. In order to bag the £10,000 cash prize the players answer questions in a series of rounds that whittle the field down from eight to one.

Tonight’s show includes a children’s’ entertainer and a beautician doing battle to stay in, and more importantly on, the world’s most terrifying multiple-choice test. As always staying in the game is a double edged sword – the contestants are one step closer to the prize whilst the exits get more and more horrific.

This week theatre nurse, Sabrina tries to over come her fear of heights whilst taking on the shopping trolley dash from hell in Exit 19 ‘Supermarket Smash’. IT consultant Barry tussles with HR manager Katy over an answer that might stop one of them leaving the show on Exit 36 – a slow tipping board over a sheer 80 foot drop aptly named ‘Rip Off’.

Meanwhile IT analyst Sudhir likens himself to all action hero Keanu Reeves – something he will try and avoid proving during Exit 52 which Nemone reveals as ‘Armchair Armageddon’ – a chance for the contestants to put their feet up on a comfy chair, only for one unlucky player to be back flipped into oblivion.

With the field trimmed down to just four, Exit 97 could prove to be their worst nightmare with the contestant with the wrong answer being dropped out of the game by being plunged into a deep pool tied to a concrete block.

As night falls the last three contestants face the grand final, Exit 101 itself – ‘The Trap Door’. Here, only one contestant will be left standing over the quick release trap doors by choosing the only correct answer and, in doing so, get to take the stairs down and home with the £10,000 cash prize.

101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow, BBC One, 7pm