So long Sean Slater! I’ll miss you

I am devastated that Sean, played by the positively edible Rob Kazinsky, has left Eastenders, but what a way to go! And at least it’s left the door open for him to come back someday. I began to panic when he swam away under the ice last night; I thought maybe he was off to drown himself so I was very relieved when he surfaced!

He is one of the most beautiful men who’ve ever been in the show and of late, my crush has developed further as all about him, the women in his life have betrayed him but he still loved little baby Amy.

There are few things more likely to make me go weak at the knees than a good looking man cradling a baby… I’ve been weak knee’d during Eastenders regularly in the last few weeks.

So let’s take a look back at the all too short ‘Enders Life of Sean…

He swaggered onto the Square on 22nd August, 2006 and met up with Stacey in The Vic. You can see a clip from that episode here

His intention on the Square was to take revenge on the newly arrived Al, who had caused Sean to be thrown out of the armed forces. Sean broke into Al’s flat, and later followed him into the Vic where, by chance, he saw Stacey with whom he’d lost contact following the death of their father, Brian.

After taking revenge on Al – by hanging him upside down after terrorising him – Sean decided to stay in Walford to look after his sister.

He immediately began to pursue Tanya Branning, before deciding to start a relationship with Ruby Allen after discovering that she was wealthy. Sean proposed to Ruby but continued to chase Tanya while sleeping with numerous – lucky – other women, including Karin Jones and Preeti Choraria.

When Ruby’s father, Johnny, died, she became infatuated with Sean, interfering in his relationships with his family, including with his mum Jean, who Sean couldn’t stand. Sean was furious when Ruby told Jean that he was back in town, so much so that he threw Ruby’s father’s ashes at her and dumped her!

He then started a relationship with Chelsea Fox, but slept with her stepsister Carly Wicks, causing a multitude of bitter rows in the process. As a woman scorned, Chelsea enlisted the help of Carly’s brother Deano in an attempt to frame Sean for the assault of shopkeeper Patrick Trueman.

Sean’s attempt to evade arrest over the attack failed and only made him look more guilty so he was wrongly imprisoned.

Later, Carly discovered CCTV footage that Chelsea had been hiding that proved Sean was innocent and despite her family’s protests, Carly handed the footage into the police. Sean was subsequently released and Deano and Chelsea were arrested for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Sean took revenge by cutting Chelsea’s hair while she slept, and beating up Deano.

Sean was once again furious when he discovered that Stacey had been sleeping with Max, the father of her fiancé Bradley. He tried stop to Stacey and Bradley’s wedding but eventually decided to allow it to go ahead. Stacey and Max’s affair was revealed on Christmas Day 2007, and Sean saw it as the perfect moment to comfort Tanya.

They began a passionate and turbulent affair during which Sean confessed to her that he was responsible for his father’s death. He’d punched his father in the head and the next day, Brian had collapsed at work and fallen from the scaffolding he was on. Unable to cope with the guilt of what he’d done, Sean had fled, leaving Stacey to look after their mother.

Tanya then lied to Max and told him she’d split up with Sean but secretly, she and Sean conspired to bury Max alive. Tanya later dug Max up, much to Sean’s surprise and annoyance, and after a row, she ended their affair.

He took the rejection badly and began a casual relationship with Roxy while tormenting his flat mate Gus Smith.

He taunted Gus and told him that he planned to kill him and make it look like suicide but before he could go through with it, he was stopped by Stacey. Roxy and Sean then split up and Gus revealed to the Slaters’ that Sean was involved in selling drugs.

Sean was later stunned to discover that Roxy was pregnant and assumed that he was the baby’s father as he was unaware she’d also slept with Jack Branning. Sean offered to support Roxy but by then, she didn’t want to know so she left Walford for Ibiza. Sean also left the Square temporarily, returning in July.

He discovered that Roxy was now staying in Weymouth with her father Archie and after going there to look for her and win her back, the pair were reunited and went back to Walford together.

Roxy’s sister Ronnie disapproved of their relationship but eventually supported them when Sean and Roxy got married in secret in August. Sean’s antagonistic relationship with Archie continued unabated while he put a wedge between the couple by offering Roxy money to get a flat.

When Roxy went into premature labour, Archie didn’t call Sean, even though he swore to Roxy he had, so Sean missed the birth of baby Amy. After much heartache, Roxy and Sean again reunited for the sake of their baby and their love grew stronger as they kept a vigil at their daughter’s side in the hospital.

However, early in December, Jack asked Roxy to do a paternity test, the results of which she received a couple of weeks later but she hid them after they revealed that Sean wasn’t Amy’s biological father – and the rest, as they say, is history, culminating in last night’s spectacular edge-of-your-seat conclusion when for a while, it looked like Sean intended to do a Richard Hillman and drive his little family into the water…

Instead of doing that, Sean just walked off into the night but I’m really hoping he’ll be back one day!

Rob’s time on Eastenders has launched his career and put him firmly on the acting map, despite the fact that he was suspended for two month early in 2007 for allegedly sending pornographic pictures of himself by text to model, Aimi Robinson. At the time, she told the Sunday People newspaper:

“I can’t watch EastEnders now. Every time I see him on screen I think of that horrible picture. It makes my skin crawl.”

After the paper ran the story, an EastEnders spokesman said:

“Following the story in the Sunday People on January 7, 2007, Eastenders executive producer Diederick Santer has taken the decision to suspend Robert Kazinsky from early February for a period of two months.

“In addition, Robert Kazinsky would like to apologise for any offence caused to EastEnders’ viewers and for bringing the show into disrepute.”

Rob – if at anytime in the future you want to send pictures of yourself by text to someone, email me and I’ll send you my number! It wouldn’t make my skin crawl let me tell you…

Nor would it a lot of women apparently because in a poll conducted by a leading condom manufacturer, Rob was voted as the male soap star that women fantasise about the most! Here’s why…

Well Sean/Rob, it’s been great – don’t be a stranger and I hope you’re on our screens again soon!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.