So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Results: Stephanie Powell and Gian Luca Loddo sent home

Stephanie Powell

Following last week’s electric first elimination show, it was straight back to rehearsals for the remaining nine couples.

This week saw the finalists dancing further outside their comfort zones. After nine exhilarating performances, and an intense battle to win the praise of both the audience and judges, the final verdict saw Stephanie and Gian Luca eliminated from the competition.

Tension in the studio reached fever pitch during the live results show, which featured the second elimination of the series. Once the vote was revealed, Shane, Gian Luca, Rithy and Stephanie had the least number of votes and were left in the ‘danger zone’, having to dance for their lives and their place in the competition. All four dancers gave their all in a 30 second solo they hoped would carry them through to the next stage of the contest.

After they danced for their lives, Nigel revealed that the four dancers who found themselves in the “danger zone” had split the judges down the middle:

“I’m going to address all four dancers, and that is to say – we didn’t feel as though three of you actually danced for your lives tonight. We didn’t feel as though you were strong enough that you desperately wanted to stay in the competition. Not just stay in it – but win it. It isn’t just about surviving in this competition, it’s about winning this competition. So let me tell you now – girls, we were split two and two with you. Two votes for Stephanie, two votes for you Rithy… Obviously Stephanie, you didn’t connect with the audience last week or this week with your new partner. It’s you leaving us tonight, Stephanie.

On the boys, Nigel then continued. “This was a unanimous decision. I’ve got to say that we don’t believe that either of you guys in actual fact deserve to be in the bottom two this week. But the British public have voted and we have to make the decision. Gian Luca, for some reason, you did not connect with the public. I don’t know why, but you haven’t for two weeks running now. Shane, I’m probably going to give everything away with saying that we truly believed that you were the only one of the four dancers this evening that really came with fire in your belly and showed what “dancing for your life” means. And because of that, you’ll be staying with us. I’m afraid tonight Gian Luca, tonight you’re leaving us…”

Reflecting back on the results of tonight’s show, an emotional Stephanie stated “I’m not really sure I can explain. The whole experience has been really, really wonderful, no regrets, none at all.”

And for Gian Luca, “I really, really loved the experience. It has been amazing for me… I am quite happy and proud with myself, and thanks a lot to everyone”

The live results show also featured a performance from pop sensations and Eurovision hopefuls Blue, and a spectacular wedding themed ensemble performance choreographed by Mandy Moore to River Deep Mountain High, showcasing the talents of the eighteen remaining finalists.

Next week’s show will be broadcast at 7.00pm, with the results show at 8.55pm.