Soap mums from hell…

EastEnders danielle ronnie

With this week’s revelation that Ronnie’s finally going to find out she’s Danielle’s mum, we thought we’d take a look at some of the mums from hell who’ve featured in our soaps… and there are a lot of contenders!

EastEnders ben stellaLet’s start with EastEnders and one of the very worst mums – well, step-mum anyway – has to be evil Stella who tormented poor little Ben by relentlessly bullying him, hurting him and cruelly manipulating him until, on their wedding day, Ben’s dad Phil finally found out what she’d been doing and she ended up squished like a bug on the roof of a car after jumping off the roof of a building. And good riddance to her I say!

And let’s not forget Louise Raymond, who, having abandoned her kids Tiffany and Simon in their teens, Louise turned up in the Square in 1998 and it seemed she wanted to make amends… right up until she slept with her daughter’s husband Grant!

The next day, Louise was full of guilt which was made worse by the fact that Tiffany announced that she wanted to have a go at putting right her marriage to Grant. Louise kept quiet about her and Grant’s tryst but then made the mistake of talking about it with Grant while the baby monitor was on, so poor Tiff overheard every word. Oh dear…

Here’s a clip from this mum-daughter-husband ménage a trois!

Pat and Shirley have both been pretty awful mothers in the past too, though both have tried to make amends to their kids in the last few years. And poor Jean wouldn’t win any awards for mother of the year but at least she has her illness to blame; Stella was just evil and Louise was just a slapper!

Coronation Street has had some nasty mums too but right up there on the Tracy and baby Amy coronation streetlist of Baddest of the Bad Mums has to be our Tracy Luv who tried to sell her daughter to Roy!

Tracy Luv got pregnant after a one-night stand with Steve McDonald but having set Roy up to make him believe they’d slept together, she told Roy the baby was his and offered to sell her to him and his transsexual wife Hayley for £20,000!

A mum who’s nearly as bad – in fact, she may well be worse – is Jackie Dobbs, Tyrone’s mother who’s abandoned him, robbed him, conned him and was last seen when she nicked his honeymoon!

But on balance, I think Cilla Battersby Brown should probably take the crown. Poor Chesney and Fiz have endured a lifetime of torment at the hands of their flame-haired monster of a mother! She had Fiz put into care when she was a kid and has abandoned Chesney more times than Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have split up.

Possibly Cilla’s most evil act happened in 2006 when she lied about having terminal cancer, prompting the Street’s residents to raise money to send her on the trip of a lifetime to Florida. She eventually came clean to Chesney and Fiz, leaving them devastated that she’d lied to them about something so serious. The wicked witch then went to the States alone and her most recent act of very unmotherly love was to use Fiz and Chesney in a con in South Africa… a very nasty mum indeed!

Here she is being the loud, brash, horrible little troll she is…

Emmerdale hasn’t had that many horrid mums… maybe all that fresh air makes them kinder or something, but one that was the mother-in-law from rosemary king emmerdalehell was Rosemary King. Granted, Grayson Sinclair wasn’t the perfect son by any means but it’s no wonder with a mother like that!

But it was poor Perdy who’s life was nearly ruined by his ghastly upper-class mum. Having decided that Perdy wasn’t good enough for Grayson – and disappointed by her daughter-in-law’s failure to churn out a son and heir – Rosemary set about trying to split the couple up.

The monster-in-law’s plan began when she started slipping ant-malaria tablets into Perdy’s drinks – which combined with the anti-depressants she was on following an ectopic pregnancy – made Perdy ill and confused. It wasn’t long before Rosemary went in for the kill by creating an nursery in the loft and managing to persuade everyone that the “deranged” Perdy was responsible. Eventually, Grayson saw through his mother’s scheming and told her to sling her hook. She did but then faked her own death before actually shuffling off the mortal coil but by then, Perdy and Grayson’s marriage was in tatters.

I guess the next in line for Mum From Hell down on the farm would be Steph Stokes who – when she turned up in 2002 – we learned had become estranged from her daughter Tricia because she’d slept with the bloke Tricia was seeing at the time. And on the night before Tricia was due to marry Marlon, Steph made a pass at him and ended up kissing the hapless chef! Not exactly mother of the year material but, what goes round comes round and Steph learned what it’s like to be the victim of cruelty…

And last but not least would probably have to be several of the Dingle women who’ve at various times abandoned their children; most notably would be Charity and Chastity Dingle and Debbie followed in her mother’s footsteps by abandoning her daughter Sarah when she couldn’t bond with her. She’s trying to make amends now though, as is Chas but once the emotional damage is done, soapy kids take a while to recover from a terrible mother!

If you can think of any other dreadful soap mothers, let us know!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.