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So did Jake Stone kill Lucy Beale? Eastenders spoilers!

jake aleks eastenders (24)

Jake Stone has received a staggering 85% of all wagers in the last 24 hours to be revealed as Lucy Beale’s killer, according to Ladbrokes.

Max Branning has resumed his position as being favourite with the bookies, however, it’s Jake Stone who punters are convinced is the killer, and by putting their money where their mouth is Stone’s odds have collapsed into 6/1 from 14/1 in a matter of hours.

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sienna Blake to set her sights on Peri Lomax!

hollyoaks sienna blake 3

The Lomax family in Hollyoaks have been under immense pressure just lately, but things are about to get a whole lot worse when they fall prey to scheming Sienna Blake!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Sienna (Anna Passey) is convinced that the youngest Lomax daughter Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) is her long-lost daughter Sophie.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Hetti Bywater says she couldn’t think of a better exit for Lucy Beale!

lucy eastenders (14)

Now that her character has been killed off in EastEnders, Hetti Bywater has admitted that she couldn’t think of a better exit for her character Lucy Beale!

Fans of the hit BBC soap will know how Lucy was killed at the end of Friday night’s episode, and the drama that has followed has been pretty immense.
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EastEnders Spoilers: Dominic Treadwell-Collins confirms who DIDN’T kill Lucy Beale!

lucy beale murdered

Now that the Beale family in EastEnders know that Lucy Beale is dead, the show’s executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has confirmed one person who DIDN’T kill her!

Fans watched in horror last Friday night when Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) could be seen at the end of the episode laying lifeless in Walford Common, with her mobile phone still ringing.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Cain and Charity in wedding wars! And will Donna tell Marlon she’s dying?! (VIDEO)


We visit Emmerdale again on Tuesday 29 April, and bride to be Charity is out looking at wedding dresses, but to her shock, she finds Cain is in the same shop trying on suits!

Keen to know why Cain is there, she badgers him until he reveals that he and Moira are getting married, and when the two compare dates, it turns out their nuptials are in fact on the same day…

They start rowing, and in the heat of the moment, both end up dashing out of the shop wearing the outfits they were trying on! Read more & comment »

Coronation Street Spoilers: The Kal, Leanne, Nick love triangle continues & Fiz is upset over Maria and Tyrone! (VIDEO)

In the episode of Coronation Street that airs on Wednesday 30 April, in the aftermath of Leanne’s fury, a shamefaced Kal apologises to Nick for pushing him so hard in the gym, and he adds that perhaps he should find himself another personal trainer…

However, still unaware of Kal and Leanne’s relationship, Nick says he won’t hear of it and insists he and Kal put the whole thing behind them and carry on with his regime of workouts. And to Kal’s horror, Nick then invites him to join him and Leanne for a meal at the Bistro to show there are no hard feelings.

Sure enough, the three later have dinner in the Bistro, but it’s awkward between Kal and Leanne, but it goes over an oblivious Nick’s head… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Will Denise really leave? Will Sonia have a lesbian affair?!

The drama in EastEnders continues on Tuesday 29th April, and we see that Denise has packed her bags and taken off the engagement ring that Ian gave her…

She’s all set to leave Albert Square and start a new life in Oxford so that she can be near Libby, but as she’s about to go, Patrick arrives home and demands to know what’s going on.

She confesses that she’s leaving, and because she expects Patrick to try and persuade her to stay, she’s taken aback when in fact, he calls a taxi for her! But will she really leave? Read more & comment »

Emmerdale Spoilers: Sean agrees to father a baby for Belle! And will Declan postpone the wedding? (VIDEO)


We rejoin the drama in Emmerdale on Monday 28 April as Sean accidentally lets it slip to Chas about Belle’s idea to have a baby in the hope it would mean she’d avoid a prison sentence…

A horrified Chas immediately informs Lisa, who summons Belle and tries to tell her how crazy her plan is.

Meanwhile, Sean visits Dom and tries to explain that Gemma’s death was an accident and not Belle’s fault, but the grieving dad doesn’t want to hear it and he angrily sends Sean packing. Read more & comment »

Coronation Street Spoilers: Maria’s playing a risky game with Tyrone & has Kal blown it with Leanne? (VIDEO)

david maria coronation street

In the first of two episodes of Coronation Street on Monday 28 April, Fiz looks on as Tyrone whispers conspiratorially to Maria that he’s had another text from Kirsty…

Later, Fiz goes through Tyrone’s phone and when she sees the text from Kirsty, she’s not only angry about that, she’s also annoyed that Tyrone told Maria and not her. Will she confront her love rival?

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EastEnders Spoilers: Lola sees abuse about Lucy online & it’s judgement day for Kat!

peter lola eastenders

We return to Walford on Monday 28th April to find Lola horrified over abusive comments about Lucy on her social networking page, and though she tries to hide them from Peter, he demands to know what’s been said about his sister…

He is of course devastated by what he reads, so in an attempt to make him feel better, Lola arranges a get together of their closest friends in order to remember Lucy, however, she’s put out when Peter assumes it was Lauren’s idea. Read more & comment »

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Jason and Holly leave the village, but why???? (PICTURES)

hollyoaks jason holly 4

Could Hollyoaks teenagers Jason Roscoe and Holly Cunningham be caught up in the murder of Fraser Black?

As we have previously reported, Fraser Black (Jesse Birdsall) is set to be killed by one village resident this week in Hollyoaks in one of the shows biggest who-dunnit’s in the shows history.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Patrick twerks the village under the influence of GHB! (PICTURES)

hollyoaks patrick twerking

Hollyoaks fans are in for a surprise in an upcoming storyline when usually ultra-reserved and professional High School headmaster Patrick Blake turns his hand to twerking, in front of a packed room of officials!

The situation arises when student Finn O’Connor (Keith Rice) decides to teach his former best friend Robbie Roscoe (Charlie Wernham) a lesson when it seems that he is moving in on the object of Finn’s desires, Phoebe McQueen (Mandip Gill).
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EastEnders Spoilers: Jake Wood says Lucy’s death was not accidental, and Max is overlooked as a suspect!

max lucy eastenders (8)

So Lucy Beale is officially dead, unbeknown to everyone at present apart from her father, but according to one of the main suspects in the case when the news becomes public knowledge there are a few twists in the tale to come yet!

Fans of the hit BBC soap will know how Lucy (Hetti Bywater) had been having a sleazy little affair with her best friend’s dad, Max Branning (Jake Wood) in the lead up to her murder on Friday night, so naturally we all expected Max to be top of the suspect list when the news broke.
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Coronation Street Spoilers – Will it be Steve McDonald who kills Tina McIntyre?


Fans of Coronation Street who tuned in last night to watch the popular ITV soap’s double bill would have seen Tina McIntyre gain a new enemy – But will he be the one to kill her?

As we have previously reported Tina (Michelle Keegan) is set to meet her maker at the hands of one Weatherfield resident later this year, and so far the main suspects in the case have been very obvious.
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EastEnders Spoilers: In the wake of Lucy’s murder, Denise wants to leave Walford! Will she go?

denise eastenders

As we saw in last week’s dramatic episodes of EastEnders, poor Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) was murdered and her body left on Walford Common…

In next week’s episodes, we’re set to see the residents of Albert Square left stunned when they hear about the shocking killing, and of course, no-one will suffer more than the members of Lucy’s family, unless that is, one of them is faking their shock and is in fact Lucy’s killer!

But could it be that Denise Fox (Diane Parish) killed Lucy? Read more & comment »