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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nikki Sandeson says Maxine loves Dodger!


Ever since Maxine and Dodger ended up in bed together in Hollyoaks last year, we have all been secretly rooting for them to be a couple!

But there is one major problem with that, Maxine (Nikki Sanderson) in engaged to Dodger’s father, and pregnant with his child!
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Unsettling times for Sandy and Dirk (PICTURES)

hollyoaks joe leys

Hollyoaks fans are in for a treat tonight as the soap crashes on to our screens with more drama than you can shake a stick at!

This spring, and in particular this Easter, is set to be a great big ball of excitement as several storylines come crashing together resulting in one big murder (after all what else is a public and religious holiday for?)
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Jeremy Paxman slams BBC whilst Ben Stephenson says EastEnders is the best soap!

Jeremy Paxman

Oh dear, Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman has had a bit of a rant about the BBC, who he has described as “smug” whilst criticising their employment ethics.

According to the long-serving host, the BBC’s Digital Media Initiative is “stupid” and is costing licence fee-payers dearly for their senior staff pay-offs, which he says is granted “merely for walking out of the door”.
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Bill Roache to return as Ken Barlow after Tina McIntyre murder!


Following the not-guilty verdict at his recent court case, Bill Roache is set to make his Coronation Street return, after Tina’s murder!

Roache, who is the only original cast member of the soap making him the longest serving soap actor of all time, was last seen on our Corrie screens last April after he was arrested and charged with two counts of historical rape.
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Emmerdale Spoilers: Jeff Hordley says show is lucky to get Danny Milller back as Aaron Livesy!

aaron, emmerdale

As we recently reported, former Emmerdale star Danny Miller is set to make a return to the show, and it seems that we aren’t the only ones who are excited by this!

Danny Miller first arrived on our Emmerdale screens back in 2008 as the troublesome tearaway son of soap favourite Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).
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EastEnders bosses laud Adam Woodyatt for Ian Beale’s grief scenes & promise more ‘huge’ storylines!


Yesterday, we attended a special preview screening of the episode of EastEnders in which Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) is murdered, and as fans of the show will know, the plotline is being hailed as the biggest whodunit in the show’s history…

At the event, the show’s executives Ben Stephenson and Dominic Treadwell-Collins discussed the storyline – which is set to have the nation gripped for up to a year before we find out who killed Lucy – and promised more drama for other Walford characters.

Ben Stephenson said, “I can categorically say that EastEnders is the best soap in the country right now. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. It’s ambitious, well-written, it’s moving and contemporary… Read more & comment »

Eastenders spoilers: Who killed Lucy Beale? Peter Beale or Max Branning?


As we wait for whodunnit season to launch on Eastenders, Peter Beale has been backed into 3/1 to be revealed as Lucy Beale’s killer according to Ladbrokes.

Ms B will meet an untimely end over the Easter period and already fans are driving themselves crazy trying to work out who the culprit will be. Check out our theory on the who the Eastenders’ murderer is here.

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Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall says Maria’s “deluded” over Tyrone, adding, “This is going to end very badly!” INTERVIEW

tyrone maria coronation street (23)

Ever since she broke up with Marcus Dent over his fling with Todd Grimshaw, Maria Connor has been distraught, and while in the depths of misery, she’s found a sympathetic shoulder to cry on in her former boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs…

But he of course is happily in love with Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and when he hugs Maria (Samia Ghadie) as she weeps over the state of her love life, for him, it’s merely a friendly gesture. However, Maria sees it differently.

And in a shocking twist, when Tyrone confides in Maria that he thinks his ex Kirsty is stalking him and their daughter Ruby, Maria sees the opportunity to get closer to Ty! Read more & comment »

Emmerdale Spoilers: Belle has a pregnancy plan & Debbie calls in police to check on Pete! (VIDEO)

sean arrested emmerdale (23)
In the last visit of the week to Emmerdale on Friday 25 April, while trying to prove how much he loves Belle, Sean stupidly attacks a police officer while trying to get himself arrested, and sure enough, that does the trick and he’s bundled into a police car…

His parents Ali and Dan are of course mortified by their son’s actions, while an angry Lisa tells them that Sean’s probably just made everything worse.

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EastEnders Spoilers: Lee lies to police over Lucy’s murder & Ian wants rid of Cindy!

ian denise eastenders

In the final visit of the week to Walford on Friday 25th April, Denise is feeling guilty over not listening to Ian’s worries about Lucy in the days before her death, but she can’t get through to Ian as he seems obsessed with making sure Cindy leaves Albert Square, and nothing anyone says seems to have any effect on him…

Cindy meanwhile tells Jane that she has to go and talk to TJ and Terry, given that Ian is adamant she must leave the Square. Jane tries to talk her out of it, fearing a showdown that Ian doesn’t need right now if Terry objects to the news, but when there’s a knock at the door, Jane answers it and is shocked to see Cindy’s aunt Gina on the doorstep. Read more & comment »

Coronation Street Spoilers: Is Maria about to be caught out? And will Leanne break Nick’s heart?! (VIDEO)

In the episode of Corrie that airs on Wednesday 23 April, Leanne’s in a panic when the male stripper she booked for a hen night party cancels at the last minute…

So when Kal calls in at the Bistro, Leanne pleads with him to be a stand-in, and when he sees what a bind she’s in, he agrees.

But later, when Leanne is helping him get ready for his performance, there’s clearly chemistry between the pair, but will they act on it? Read more & comment »

Emmerdale Spoilers: It’s Belle’s trial! Guilty or not guilty? And Debbie worries about Pete being around her kids! (VIDEO)

belle dingle court emmerdale (18)
In the first of two episodes of Emmerdale that air on Thursday 24 April, there’s tension in the Dingle household as Belle seems to have gone missing and her solicitor needs to speak to her about what she intends to say in court.

Fearing for Belle, Cain sets out to find her and eventually tracks her down in the cafe…

He wastes no time in telling Belle that she’s destroying her family with her insistence that she’ll plead guilty, and he angrily points out that she’s driven Zak to the point of another breakdown. Read more & comment »

Hollyoaks Spoilers: The walls close in on Fraser (PICTURES)

hollyoaks fraser tegan

Fans will see a big smug smile on Fraser Black’s face in tonight’s Hollyoaks, as the gangster finally manages to worm his way back into wife Sandy’s affections – But will he stay there for long?

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Fraser (Jesse Birdsall) had been kicked out of the Roscoe house after Sandy (Gillian Taylforth) discovered his involvement with her son, Joe’s disappearance.
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14 REALLY UGLY pictures of Ian Beale crying as Lucy Beale is murdered! Eastenders

denise, jane, ian eastenders

Lucy Beale is set to be murdered within the next week on Eastenders and yesterday morning the BBC released pictures of a very distraught Ian Beale, crying, as he attends his daughter’s funeral.

Lucy’s death will spark yet another massive whodunnit storyline on the popular soap but more than that, it’s also going to mean the return of Ian’s ugly crying face, complete with snot and saliva, on a very regular basis.

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Doctor Who: Tom Baker considers return to the show?

doctor who the day of the doctor tom baker matt smith

Following our report yesterday about Tom Baker’s thoughts on the future of Doctor Who, the legendary actor has revealed that he could consider a return to the show!

Tom Baker is the actor to play the infamous Time Lord for the longest period of time in history, so it was only fitting that he should get an appearance in the show’s 50th anniversary episode, the Day of the Doctor, last November.
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