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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Diane to forgive Sinead in New Year?

hollyoaks diane affair 1

The relationship between any stepmother and stepdaughter has the potential to be strained – But what if the stepdaughter stole the stepmother’s new husband, and father of her twins, and then got pregnant by him?

Well, this is precisely the situation that Diane O’Connor (Alex Fetcher) is facing in Hollyoaks at the moment, trying to pick up the pieces of her life whilst watching her stepdaughter Sinead (Stephanie Davis) stating a new relationship with Diane’s husband Tony (Nick Pickard) and planning the arrival of their new baby together.
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Eastenders spoilers: So Lauren Branning killed Lucy Beale right?

EastEnders lauren

A huge gamble is developing on Lauren Branning to be revealed as Lucy’s Beale’s killer in Eastenders, according to Ladbrokes.

In the last 24 hours a significant amount of money has been wagered on Lauren to deliver the final blow to Lucy, seeing her odds collapse into 6/1 from 20/1.

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: James Sutton teases Ste Hay’s HIV storyline!

hollyoaks ste jp wedding 8

As we have previously reported, Hollyoaks is about to become the first soap in history to feature a homosexual character at the heart of a HIV storyline and one of the main players has spoken out in support of it.

The subject of HIV is not unheard of in soaps, but while statistics show that the majority of cases in the UK still remain within the gay community, all other soap storylines have featured heterosexual characters, for fear of being labelled stereotypical.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Anna Passey fears for Sienna’s future without Dodger!

hollyoaks dodger sienna nico

When Hollyoaks star, Danny Mac, announced that he was leaving the show, there were more than a few hearts broken – But there is one in particular that may take a lot longer than the rest to heal.

For weeks now fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will have seen Mac’s character, Dodger Savage, caught up in one of the most bizarre love triangles ever as his dad’s wife, Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson), his surprise baby-mama Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter), and his own twin sister, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) all fought for his attentions.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: James Sutton teases BIG reveal at John Paul & Ste’s wedding!

hollyoaks ste jp wedding 11

We have already told you that there is drama ahead of Ste Hay and John Paul McQueen’s wedding in Hollyoaks and despite the issues the two show favourites do end up hitched, but does that mean a happy ever after?

Possibly not, as James Sutton, who plays John Paul, has been hinting at a big “revelation” at the pair’s wedding reception….
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Hollyoaks Kieron Richardson made ambassador for British LGBT Awards!

hollyoaks ste sinead freddie 1

It has certainly been one hell of a year for Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson, and to mark his amazing contribution to the soap, and the LGBT community the actor has been made the ambassador for the British LGBT Awards.

Kieron has been playing show favourite Ste Hay since 2006 and in that time has struck a chord with the show’s loyal and dedicated fans, forever cementing him in the heart of the hit Channel 4 soap.

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nikki Sanderson reveals Maxine & Patrick’s story isn’t over yet….

hollyoaks dodger maxine 1

For those of you who thought that the dark and bitter domestic abuse storyline between Maxine Minniver and Patrick Blake in Hollyoaks was over – How wrong were you?

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know that the abuse of Maxine (Nikki Sanderson) at the hands of Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) has been a very long running one, having begun over two years ago.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Jason’s dysmorphia takes centre stage (PICTURES)

hollyoaks jason diagnosis 1

Tomorrow night is the night that Hollyoaks fans can expect to see Jason Roscoe finally getting the help that he needs following his recent and long battle with body dysmorphia.

Viewers tuning in to the hit Channel 4 soap last week would have seen Jason (Alfie Browne-Sykes) finally admitting that he has an eating disorder and self-loathing issues with regards to his appearance, as he sobbed in to the arms of big brother Joe (Ayden Callaghan), following months of starving himself and hiding food.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: First look at wedding of John Paul & Ste! (PICTURES)

hollyoaks ste jp wedding 11

As we have previously reported, taking the centre stage for the first of this festive seasons’ movie style Hollyoaks offerings will be John Paul McQueen and Ste Hay as they prepare to say “I Do” and now we have the first pictures of the wedding to show you.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how the road to love for John Paul (James Sutton) and Ste (Kieron Richardson) has been long, and full of bumps, so it was no wonder they opted for a quick wedding after Ste proposed last week, to avoid anything else going wrong and ruining the day.
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Hollyoaks to host live Christmas event next week!

hollyoaks christmas 2014

It has been an amazing year for Hollyoaks, and to celebrate the lovely people over at Lime Pictures are treating us to a festive live performance!

Next Tuesday, December 16th, at 7.30pm, straight after the E4 First look at Wednesday’s episode, fans can log on to the official Hollyoaks website to see some of their favourite stars of the show dressed for the festive season and taking part in all sorts of Christmas games and antics.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Stephanie Davis on Sinead’s “devastation” over baby’s paternity!

hollyaoks tony sinead j

Viewers tuning in to Hollyoaks tonight will see the moment that Sinead O’Connor realises that her unborn child is not the result of her affair with her stepmother’s husband, but in fact the result of a one night stand with her gay best friend.

And she is devastated!
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Helen Lederer returns for Tegan’s baby dilema storyline!


Fans of Hollyoaks can expect to see the return of a familiar face as Helen Lederer re-joins the hit Channel 4 soap to reprise her guest midwife role as the current switched at birth storyline centred on her baby Rose develops.

As we reported yesterday, Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis) found out earlier this week that her baby Rose could not be biologically hers when a botched blood transfusion revealed that their blood types were non-compatible.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Tegan isn’t baby Rose’s mum, so who is? Jessica Ellis spills….

hollyoaks tegan cancer

Fans tuning in to Hollyoaks tonight are in for a shock as a massive curve ball is thrown at the Lomax family!

Earlier this week, Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis) was horrified to learn that she had missed a string of phone calls from her brother, Ste (Kieron Richardson) who was trying to alert her to the fact that her baby daughter, Rose, was unwell and being taken to hospital.
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Trevor’s son Dylan arrives but what secrets is he hiding?

hollyoaks dylan

As we have previously reported the New Year will see a new face in the village of Hollyoaks when local gangster Trevor Royle’s son, Dylan, arrives looking for his dad – But is he all that he seems?

At the moment Trevor (Greg Wood) has no idea that he even has a son, and is excitedly awaiting the birth of his child with Grace Black (Tamara Wood) via their surrogate Esther Bloom (Jazmine Franks).
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Hollyoaks Spoilers: New Year drama for the Roscoes as Sandy comes home & is Rick dead? (PICTURES)

hollyoaks sandy return 3

If you thought the line-up for Christmas in Hollyoaks was exciting, just wait until you see what sort of drama New Year will bring!

As we have previously reported, Hollyoaks is planning to air two one-hour movie style episodes over the festive period, one being focussed on the Christmas Day wedding of John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) and Ste Hay (Keiron Richardson) which is due for broadcast on Christmas Eve, and the second will focus on the most delicious family in the village, the Roscoes, this New Year.
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