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Corrie star Sue Nicholls hopes her portrayal of a heart attack is realistic

While speaking to the show’s official website about her forthcoming storyline – which sees Audrey Roberts having a heart attack – Sue Nicholls revealed that she hopes her portrayal of the potentially life threatening coronary comes across as realistic.

Sue also revealed that she’d been given guidance on the realities of how a heart attack affects women by the British Heart Foundation and a real life sufferer.

She explained that she’d met with a specialist cardiac nurse, who helped her formulate how Audrey would react to the symptoms of the heart attack.

She said, “The nurse told me all the ins and outs of what a heart attack is and I spoke to a lady who’d had two heart attacks. I will be thanking them both.

“I’ve also got a huge file of info from the BHF, which I’m reading through.

“The nurse said to me, ‘don’t do the Hollywood thing,’ as it doesn’t necessarily happen like that… Read more & comment »

Emmerdale: Gaynor Faye loves working in Yorkshire, and Lucy Pargeter’s fear for Chas Dingle

News from Yorkshire today includes newcomer Gaynor Faye revealing that she’s loving working in her home county, and Lucy Pargeter remarking that she fears her character, Chas Dingle, would be ostracized by the entire village if her affair with Cameron became public knowledge.

Beginning with what Gaynor – whose mum is famous screenwriter Kay Mellor and who of course plays Megan Macey in Emmerdale – has to say to the PA about working in Yorkshire.

She said, “My job has taken me all over the world, so the fact I can see my children [now I’m on Emmerdale] every day is fantastic.

“I wake up in my own bed and go back to my own house in the evening – it’s lovely… Read more & comment »

EastEnders star Patsy Palmer wants more babies!

Mum of four Patsy Palmer, who of course plays the luckless Bianca Butcher in EastEnders, has revealed that she’d love to have more children.

She made the revelation while discussing her forthcoming six month break from the show with Inside Soap magazine, during which she explained that the time out was in order to spend time with her kids.

She said, “I think my kids would be unhappy if I was at work all the time.

“But going into work is like an out-of-body experience, and it’s hard…

“It takes time to adjust, and that’s why I need a little bit of time off – otherwise I’d go mad!

“My husband Richard (Merkell) is so brilliant, though. None of my children are stressed because he’s so amazing.

“I’d love to have another four kids if I could!” Read more & comment »

Corrie: Kirsty Soames’ parents to arrive on the Street, and Kat Kelly lands new role!

Poor Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) has been brow beaten by his nuttier than squirrel poo fiancé Kirsty Soames from almost the moment they met…

And in forthcoming episodes, Tyrone will be actually beaten as he becomes the victim of domestic violence at pregnant Kirsty’s hands, and according to Natalie Gumede, who plays copper Kirsty, the introduction of her character’s parents may give viewers an insight into why she’s “the way she is.”

The show’s bosses are currently casting actors for the roles of Kirsty’s mum and dad, and of the plotline, Natalie – who’s also starred in Ideal, Doctors and Emmerdale - added, “Nothing can justify Kirsty’s behaviour. But it may give them more of a clue as to what made her the way she is.”

In other Corrie news, it’s been reported by the Sun’s TV Biz that former star Katherine Kelly will be back on our screens in new drama, Mr Selfridge, playing the role of aristocrat Lady Mae… Read more & comment »

EastEnders: New storyline will reveal Derek Branning has a son as well!

It seems that Derek Branning has quite the double life, given that it was recently revealed that we’re soon to meet his long lost daughter, and now, a new plotline reveals that he has a son too!

The storyline begins when Derek (Jamie Foreman) conspires with Bianca’s kids Tiffany (Maisie Smith) and Morgan (Devon Higgs) to take care of a stray kitten that they’ve found.

Derek tells the children that they should keep the secret from their mum because the poor woman can hardly afford to provide food for them, let alone a stray cat.

So, he tells Bianca (Patsy Palmer) that he’ll babysit the kids when they claim to be too ill to go to school, and a cash strapped Bianca is only too grateful that she won’t have to take time off work… Read more & comment »

Corrie: Samia Ghadie hopes to stay with the Street, but Nigel Pivaro’s happy for Terry to be killed off!

News from Weatherfield way today includes reports that Corrie stars Samia Ghadie and newly returned cast member Nigel Pivaro have rather different agendas for their future on the show.

Beginning with Samia, who of course plays hairdresser Maria Connor, she told the Manchester Evening News that she’d love to stay on the show for as long as possible.

She said, “It’s simple really, I’ve got a job I love in Coronation Street, an institution, and I’m privileged to be in it.

“Why would I want to do anything else?”

However, she added that she’d like to see Maria having a love interest in the near future, after the doomed relationships she’s had since her hubby Liam Connor (Rob James Collier) was murdered.

She said, “It’s about time she had a bit more romance, she deserves it so don’t give up on her finding true love yet!” Read more & comment »

Julie Goodyear says her Corrie musical ‘Street of Dreams’ song is one that “hurt” women can relate to

As Bet Lynch, former Corrie star Julie Goodyear had her fair share of broken heart syndrome thanks to the often faithless men in her life…

And today, the PA reveal that Julie has said that her main song in the Coronation Street musical Street of Dreams, is one that women in similar circumstances can relate to.

Entitled, Nowt A Bit Of Lippy Couldn’t Solve, Julie said of the song, “I am singing the most fantastic song, which is so appropriate for Bet it is not true…

“Every woman in the audience I think will be able to relate to it.”

She added, “If you have been hurt girls, this is the one for you…” Read more & comment »

Emmerdale star Danny Miller for Charity Manchester 10K Run

Former Emmerdale actor Danny Miller is set to take part in the BUPA Great Manchester 10k Run on 20th May, in aid of charity Once Upon A Smile, and you can support him!

Danny, who until recently played popular character Aaron Livesy in the ITV1 soap and has legions of fans and awards for his portrayal, set up charity Once Upon A Smile with good friend and fellow actor Daniel Jillings last year after the sad death of close friend and former Emmerdale producer Gavin Blyth.

Read more & comment »

EastEnders: Looks like Bianca Butcher’s off to prison again!

As EastEnders fans will know, luckless Bianca Butcher only got out of prison last December, and since then, her life has gone from bad to worse…

Since her arrival back in the Square, matriarch Pat Evans (Pam St Clement) has died, and she’s split with hubby Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen), and has of course been desperately struggling for money.

But things are about to reach a climax when Bianca – who is of course played by mum of four Patsy Palmer – is caught stealing from a stall in the market.

And market manager Mr Lister (Nick Wilton) immediately calls the police… Read more & comment »

Corrie: O no! Audrey Roberts to suffer a heart attack!

As fans of Corrie will know, Audrey Roberts has been battling with her grandson David Platt to get her salon back – she of course signed it over to David last year to ensure he avoided paying inheritance tax is she shuffled off to the great salon in the sky…

But now she’s been reunited with Lewis Archer (Nigel Havers), and believes he’s genuinely in love with her, not her bank balance, Audrey wants to liquidate the salon’s assets to provide cash which would pay for a round the world luxury cruise.

However, David (Jack P Shepherd) egged on by his ambitious – and somewhat money grabbing – wife Kylie (Paula Lane) and protective mum Gail (Helen Worth) has refused to sign the salon back to his gran, and has even changed the locks and taken down Audrey’s name on the sign outside… Read more & comment »

Corrie star Kym Marsh and fiancé Jamie Lomas very much together at Disneyland Paris with their kids

As the Daily Mail today points out, it’s been a tough year for Corrie star Kym Marsh and her fiancé Jamie Lomas, given that he spend months in the States looking for work after his Hollyoaks departure.

Which of course left Kym working full time in her role as Michelle Connor, while caring for her children Emily, who’s 14, and baby Polly.

However, the entire family – including Jamie’s six year old son Billy – are reunited, and have taken a well earned break to Disneyland Paris, where, judging by the Mail’s picture above, they’re all enjoying their time together at the famous tourist spot.

Kym – who said rumours of her and Jamie splitting were “nonsense” – told the paper, “It’s a chance for everyone to be a kid again. I think that what’s great is that there’s something for everybody… Read more & comment »

Coronation Street stars win a battle to halt pay cuts

It emerged last year that as part of its efforts to slash costs, ITV were planning to cut the pay of some of Coronation Street’s stars by as much as a third…

And not unreasonably, several of the Street’s cast members were not amused by the plan, and actors such as Bill Roache and Sue Cleaver – who play the roles of Ken Barlow and Eileen Grimshaw respectively – threatened to quit the show if the cost cutting measures went ahead.

However, the Mirror reports that the broadcaster has backed down over the row, and an Equity spokesperson said, “We’ve prevented members’ incomes falling off the edge of a cliff… Read more & comment »

Former Corrie star Vicky Entwistle says she never watches the show

As fans of Corrie will recall, gobby Janice Battersby left Weatherfield last year with boyfriend Trevor Dean (Steve Jackson) to travel the world…

And according to Vicky Entwistle, despite having played Janice for 14 years, she doesn’t miss the show or her character.

In fact, in an interview with Inside Soap, Vicky revealed that she doesn’t even watch the show anymore.

She said, “I haven’t seen an episode of Corrie since the day I went. It’s not exactly a conscious thing to avoid it – you just move on don’t you?

“I can’t watch it as a viewer these days because I know all the actors in real life, so it’ll never be the same for me…” Read more & comment »

Corrie star Helen Worth is to marry boyfriend Trevor Dawson!

It’s been reported today that Corrie veteran Helen Worth – who of course plays recidivist bride Gail McIntyre – is to wed in real life.

Helen, who’s 61 – and only looks about 45! – will wed boyfriend Trevor Dawson, who’s a teacher and who was formerly a church organist.

The People reports that the couple, who’ve been an item for around a year, first became close over their shared love of music.

However, just like her Corrie character, Helen – who was born Cathryn Helen Wigglesworth and has also starred in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and Doctor Who – hasn’t always found love plain sailing and her first marriage to The Liver Birds actor Michael Angelis ended in divorce after a 21 year relationship.

The beginning of the end of their marriage came when Michael admitted he’d been having an affair, however, he and Helen tried to make a go of their marriage after his revelation, but they eventually split and divorced in 2001… Read more & comment »

EastEnders: Kat Moon’s headed back to Walford, but Carol and Bianca Jackson are offski

It’s been revealed today that Jessie Wallace is headed back to work having taken a three month break from the show and her role as Kat Moon.

But according to the Daily Mail, Jessie’s going to be back on set soon, and we’ll see her on screen in about six weeks’ time.

Of her time off, a friend told the paper, “Jessie has had an incredibly tough time but the break has done her the world of good.”

However, off on their own extended breaks are Patsy Palmer and Lindsey Coulson, who of course play mum and daughter, Bianca and Carol Jackson… Read more & comment »