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EastEnders Spoilers: The Masoods to be caught in Walford fire!

As fans of EastEnders will know, part of the show’s Christmas drama will be a huge fire that will claim the life of Pat Evans (Pam St Clement), but it’s rumoured that she won’t be the only fatality.

And the Daily Star reports that the Masood family will be caught up in the blaze, which begins at the B&B.

It’s started deliberately and some media sources are speculating that it’ll be evil schemer Dr Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti) who is the Walford arsonist.

The paper adds that the fire causes a huge explosion, which leads to the climax of the Masood-Yusef storyline. Read more & comment »

Soaps stars Graeme Hawley and Jeff Hordley to launch online radio show

Graeme Hawley, who stars in Coronation Street as killer John Stape, has teamed up with Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley – who plays Cain Dingle – to launch an online radio show.

Graeme – who returns to Corrie tonight as John Stape continues his reign of terror – told What’s On TV magazine that he thinks he and Jeff may end up talking about soaps all the time on their show.

He said, “I’m about to start doing a radio show with Jeff Hordley who plays Cain Dingle in Emmerdale.

“He and I used to do a radio show together until a couple of years ago and we had to stop because of work commitments. But now we’re starting up Radio Republic… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Video: Lauren Branning reaches out to her gran over Tanya’s cancer

On the EastEnders website, Lauren Branning – who’s played by Jacqueline Jossa – has recorded bonus clips entitled Lauren’s Diaries.

In the clip, we see Lauren chatting to Cora – who’s played by Ann Mitchell – about her grandfather.

Lauren asks, “What is it with this family, why can’t we just talk about things?”

To which Cora replies, “What good did talking about things ever do?!”

She then adds, “Your mum, everything’s pent up with your mother, that’s what makes her so tetchy.”

Tanya has of course been diagnosed with cervical cancer, and presently, only Lauren knows about it.

See the first of Lauren’s Diaries after the jump… Read more & comment »

Emmerdale star Natalie J Robb on Moira Barton’s attraction to Cain Dingle

As fans of Emmerdale will know, in forthcoming episodes, Moira Barton and Cain Dingle are set to have an affair, and Natalie J Robb, who of course plays Moira, has been telling Inside Soap about the plotline.

There’s always been a spark of sexual tension between Moira and Cain (Jeff Hordley) but after the pair have a furious row, they end up kissing.

Natalie said, “There’s a huge fight. But Moira kisses Cain!

“Sometimes in life you have that chemistry with someone for no reason and you struggle with it. It’s worth watching – a lot of ladies are going to like it!” Read more & comment »

Coronation Street star Will Thorp says viewers forgive Chris’s lie

As fans of Coronation Street will know, Chris Gray – who’s played by Will Thorp – has been receiving treatment for a brain tumour…

However, he’s responded well to treatment, and whereas it was once feared that he would die, doctors have now told him that he should make a complete recovery, but he hasn’t told his ex, Cheryl that.

Chris is hoping to win Cheryl (Holly Quin-Ankrah) back, even if it’s only because she pities him, and he thinks if he told her the truth about his illness, his chance to get her back would be missed.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Will said, “I’ve not had any bad experiences with angry viewers.

“Most of the comments I get are from builders who feel Chris is just like them – he’s one of the lads as far as they’re concerned… Read more & comment »

EastEnders star Tony Discipline on Tyler, Whitney and Fatboy love triangle

EastEnders star Tony Discipline has been telling Inside Soap that although he thinks his character Tyler Moon “understands” Whitney Dean – who’s played by Shona McGarty – he doesn’t know if they’ll become an item.

And of course, as viewers will know, Fatboy Chubb (Ricky Norwood) is secretly in love with Whitney, which means she’ll have to choose who to romance; Tyler or Fatboy.

Tony said, “A lot of people say to me, ‘Oh, Tyler and Whitney suit each other so much, they’re meant to be together’.

“Then other people come up and they’re like, ‘Fatboy will be a lot nicer to her’.

“Yeah, he’s a safer bet, but it’s all down to what Whit wants – the safer bet or the man she’s destined to be with… Read more & comment »

Coronation Street star Kym Marsh says she won’t be having another baby

Kym Marsh, who of course plays Michelle Connor on Coronation Street, has revealed that she won’t be having any more children.

Kym and her fiancé Jamie Lomas – who plays Warren Fox in Hollyoaks – welcomed their daughter Polly into the world earlier this year, however, before Polly came along, the couple endured the loss of their son Archie, who was just hours old when he died.

And Kym’s pregnancy with Polly was fraught with complications, and at one stage, it was feared she may not survive.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Kym has confessed that she feels she can’t go through the trauma of another pregnancy.

She said, “To have another child would mean me putting myself through so much and it would be really traumatic… Read more & comment »

Piper Perabo loves Coronation Street and her character being called Annie Walker!

American actress Piper Perabo has revealed that she’d love to rename her new show Annie Walker, by way of tribute to the legendary Corrie character who was played by Doris Speed.

Piper, who stars in Covert Affairs as a character called Annie Walker, told the PA, “I said [to the producers], ‘What happens when we go to the UK?’ Are we gonna change the name? What about Coronation Street?’

“They said, ‘We can’t change the name now. We’ve shot two seasons.’

“I said, ‘Everyone’s going to be so confused that Annie Walker is an international spy’.

“I’m sure it’s going to be the source of lots of jollyness.”

The Golden Globe nominated actress also revealed that she likes watching Coronation Street when she’s in the UK.

She said, “I’ve seen little bits of it. I’ve done a movie here in London and I’ve done press here… Read more & comment »

Jennifer Metcalfe would love Amy Walsh to return to Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe, who plays Mercedes Fisher, has revealed that she’d love to have Amy Walsh – who is the younger sister of Girls Aloud star Kimberly Walsh – return to the show.

Amy recently played the role of Jenifique McQueen, who is Mercedes Fisher’s cousin, on episodes of Hollyoaks Later when the cast filmed Mercedes hen party in Ibiza.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Jennifer said, “I think she was a great addition to the show.

“I’m not sure whether there are any plans as I haven’t spoken to Amy recently, but we have kept in touch.

“I suppose there’s scope there as Jenifique didn’t get killed off or anything like that.

“I’d love her to come back, as I think she was brilliant. She just fitted in with us all straight away.” Read more & comment »

Laila Rouass has quit Holby City!

After playing the role of surgeon Sahira Shah, actress Laila Rouass has quit the show, citing the show’s “punishing” work schedule as the reason for her departure.

40 year old Laila is expected to film her final scenes for the show early next year.

A show insider told the Daily Mirror, “She has proved popular so it was a surprise when we heard she’d be leaving. But we still have time to devise an exit.”

A BBC spokeswoman confirmed she was leaving by “mutual consent” to pursue different projects.

Laila, who has also starred in Footballers’ Wives and Strictly Come Dancing, previously said of her Holby role, “Sahira is a mum so I can relate her struggle balancing motherhood and a career. Read more & comment »

David Essex wept over his final EastEnders scenes

Former EastEnders star – and ‘70s singing sensation – David Essex has revealed that he cried when he watched his exit from the show.

David, who of course played Eddie Moon, left the show earlier this month.

Speaking to The Sun, he said, “I shed a tear or two when I watched myself leave Albert Square.

“It was such a strong, emotional way to go — plus I made a lot of friends on the set and I will miss it.”

The paper adds, “But the good news is — bosses have asked the star to return.”

Fingers firmly crossed he accepts! Read more & comment »

Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson says Alicia’s “trying to be supportive” of Andy

As fans of Emmerdale will know, Andy Sugden’s daughter Sarah Dingle has been diagnosed with a rare but potentially life threatening illness…

And Alicia Gallagher – who’s played by Natalie Anderson – is caught in the middle of the turmoil over the little girl, as she is of course Andy’s (Kelvin Fletcher) girlfriend.

As we’ll see in forthcoming episodes, Andy and his ex, Debbie (Charley Webb) decide to conceive another baby – a so called ‘saviour sibling’ – in order that the new baby can donate bone marrow to Sarah.

But while all the arrangements and worries are going on, Alicia is set to feel sidelined.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Natalie said, “Alicia is absolutely devastated for Sarah, Andy and Debbie.

“She’s trying very hard to be supportive. She loves Sarah to bits and as a mum to Jacob, she knows how important it is to look out for your child… Read more & comment »

Coronation Street: Betty Driver’s funeral to be held tomorrow

The funeral of Corrie legend Betty Driver – who died last Saturday aged 91 – will be held tomorrow at St Ann’s Church in Manchester city centre.

It’s expected that the stars of the Street, past and present, will flock to the church to pay their last respects to the long-serving actress.

Betty died after having spent six weeks in hospital receiving treatment for pneumonia. Read more & comment »

EastEnders pregnancy mystery solved? Lola Pearce to fall pregnant!

The Daily Star today reports that the EastEnders Who’s the Mummy mystery may be over before it’s really begun as they report Lola Pearce will find out she’s pregnant in the coming weeks.

However, Lola, who’s played by Danielle Harold, will spark a Who’s the Daddy mystery after it transpires that she slept with both Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) and an unnamed Walford resident.

An EastEnders insider told the paper, “Lola is stunned when she finds out she’s pregnant… Read more & comment »

Natalie J Robb confirms Emmerdale romance between Moira and Cain Dingle!

Emmerdale star Natalie J Robb has told Inside Soap that the rumours about her character Moira Barton bedding village bad boy Cain Dingle are in fact true!

As fans of the show will know, Moira recently bought a car from Cain (Jeff Hordley) but is paying him off in installments, which her husband John (James Thornton) doesn’t know about…

And Cain being Cain, he’s using the issue to ensure Moira knows she owes him. But regardless of the fact that Moira knows just what a villainous character Cain is, she can’t help but be attracted to him.

In next week’s episodes, we’ll see her succumb to that attraction and she’ll sleep with Cain… Read more & comment »