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EastEnders star Ace Bhatti is surprised he’s a heartthrob!

Dr Yusef Khan is Walford’s big bad villain right now, but that hasn’t stopped women swooning over him, much to Ace Bhatti’s surprise!

Ace of course plays the manipulative GP, and he told the Sunday Mirror that his heartthrob status is a novel one.

He said, “It’s a great compliment, but a complete surprise,” he says.

“Maybe women love the character, but if they get to know me they find I’m not smooth, I’m not sophisticated and I don’t drive flash cars.

“I prefer trainers and jeans to smart suits.”

However, the role of the scheming medic is one that Ace is loving, and starring on such a high profile show has been his ambition since he started out in acting as a teenager.

But life wasn’t always as easy as it is right now for Ace… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers! Billy Mitchell finds his granddaughter in a care home!

The Daily Star Sunday reports today that while Billy Mitchell is searching for his son, he’ll visit a care home in his attempt to get information, and while there, he has to intervene when teenaged girls start brawling…

But he gets more than he bargained for when he discovers that one of the girls is his granddaughter!

The paper states, “Billy grabs troublesome Lola by the waist and tries to pull her off the girl she is fighting.

“Thinking his grand- daughter is the one on the floor he is gob-smacked when he finds out she is actually the most violent of the two.” Read more & comment »

Samantha Womack hints Ronnie Branning could return!

Samantha Womack has hinted that there’s a chance her EastEnders character Ronnie Branning could return to the show at some point in the future.

As fans will know, Ronnie’s in court next week over abducting baby Tommy Moon, and rumour has it that she’ll walk free after Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) has a change of heart and tells the courtroom that she’s forgiven Ronnie.

However, irrespective of the outcome of the case, Samantha has – for now at least – left the show as she’s filmed her final scenes.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror however, she intimated that there’s always a chance she’ll return.

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Coronation Street Spoilers! Sophie Webster will steal £20,000 from her dad!

Gasp and omg! It’s been reported today that Christian church lover Sophie Webster is about to commit the sin of covetousness, and theft, by nicking 20k from her rich daddy Kevin!

Sophie, who’s played by Brooke Vincent, will steal the money after she hacks into daddy Kev’s (Michael Le Vell) bank account to get at his scrachcard winnings…

She wants the cash for the refuge she works at, so that they can buy a house and make it a haven for the homeless.

Brooke said of the storyline, “It’s mad! The worrying thing about this is that all Sophie can think about his helping the charity, so she’s not considering the consequences.”

Sophie – who viewers will know gave up her job to work full-time at the shelter after a break in – is prompted into action because she feels guilty about the burglary… Read more & comment »

Coronation Street: Read interview with Jennie McAlpine on Fiz Stape’s arrest and imprisonment!

What’s On TV magazine have been chatting to Corrie star Jennie McAlpine about her current storyline, which sees Fiz arrested on three counts of murder next week.

Here’s the interview in full…

So, John’s disappeared and the police arrest Fiz on suspicion of murdering Colin Fishwick!

“Yeah, and Fiz is totally devastated. She doesn’t want to leave Hope.”

What evidence do the police have?

“John and Fiz claimed the money from Joy Fishwick’s will. So the police reckon that they needed Joy dead, and they needed her son and heir dead. And Charlotte got involved and so they needed her dead, too.” Read more & comment »

Casualty’s Tristan Gemmill on Adam finding out his patient is a sex offender!

Casualty star Tristan Gemmill has been talking to What’s On TV magazine about his character Adam’s latest storyline, which involves the medic finding out he’s treating a sex offender.

Viewers can see the plotline in this Saturday’s episode…

Read the full interview from WOTV after the jump. Read more & comment »

Eastenders’ Samantha Womack (Ronnie Branning) ‘I needed to stop and find some peace’

Samantha Womack has explained her decision to leave Eastenders.

The 38 year old actress is best known as Ronnie Branning (nee Mitchell) on the BBC soap but her character’s journey has been a dramatic one. In the last two years alone Ronnie has faced off an abusive father, seen two of her children die and the love of her life, Jack Branning shot and almost killed.

All this emotional turmoil has had a big affect on Sam and she told The Sun, that after crying and screaming in work every day for the past two years, she just had to get out.

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Eastenders Spoilers: Tanya Jessop will be diagnosed with cervical cancer

The BBC has confirmed that Tanya Jessop (Jo Joyner) will be diagnosed with cervical cancer in just a few weeks time.

The newly married beauty salon boss is currently struggling to cope with her attraction to her ex-husband Max Branning and is falling into a torrid affair with the red headed car salesman.

However she will have even harder time ahead, when this summer she is diagnosed with the disease, after a routine smear test and the bombshell will force Tanya to choose between her ex and her current husband Greg.

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Coronation Street: Simon Gregson wants Steve McDonald to stay single after Becky fiasco!

Simon Gregson has confessed that he would rather see his Coronation Street character Steve McDonald remaining celibate for a while, after his disastrous marriage to Becky ends.

The 36 year old actor thinks that once his alter ego extracts himself from his troublesome relationship with his blonde bombshell wife (Katherine Kelly), he should stop and spend some extra time with his only daughter Amy (Elle Mulvaney), before rushing into a new relationship.

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Eastenders Spoilers: Neil McDermott leaving… Ryan Malloy to die?

Neil McDermott is planning to leave Eastenders.

The hunky actor – best known as Whitney Dean’s older brother Ryan Malloy on the BBC soap – landed himself in hot water earlier this year when he was revealed to have cheated on his wife Michelle with a sixteen year old fan.

The star is now said to be keen to work on repairing his marriage and wants to take a step back from the world of showbiz for a while.

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Coronation Street: Tina McIntyre gets broken heart mended by Dr Carter?

The devastation of losing Graeme toher best friend, Xin, has only just begun to set in for Coronation Street’s Tina McIntyre, but it would seem that a suitable replacement has already been lined up.

We could all tell that good hearted Tina’s (Michelle Keegan) plan to get her beloved Graeme (Craig Gazey) to tie the knot with best friend, Xin (Elizabeth Tan) in order to allow her to stay in the country, would end in tears and in true soap style we were not disappointed.

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Emmerdale: Police arrest Aaron for Jackson’s ‘murder’

It’s going to be a tough road ahead for Emmerdale’s Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller), as police arrest him and charge him with murder in an upcoming episode.

The move comes after the gay youth was present and helped his boyfriend Jackson commit suicide, along with his mother Hazel (Pauline Quirke). However, after Hazel is released from police custody without charge, the police turn to Aaron, who administered the deadly drugs.

Emmerdale boss Stuart Blackburn, has admitted that there will be a “long journey” ahead for Aaron, as he has to cope with not only his bereavement, but also facing a trial for Jackson’s death.

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Coronation Street’s Ellie-Louse Leach (Faye Butler) “exhausted and bored” on set

Corrie bosses have been quick to deny an accusation that they work their child actors too hard on-set after Ellie-Louise Leach – who plays adopted Faye Butler – posted several tweets claiming she was “exhausted” and “bored” after long hours on the set of the show.

The Sun reports that 10 year old Ellie – who is the real life cousin of Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster – tweeted that she’d been on the set for around eight hours.

One of Ellie’s Twitter posts reads, “Morning tweeps! On ma way to work. Hope I don’t do over time, I’m so tired it’s too bright!!”

Ellie also posted the above picture of herself looking as though she’s sleeping… Read more & comment »

Emmerdale: Ofcom to assess complaints over assisted suicide plot?

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house last night when Emmerdale’s Jackson Walsh finally ended his life, with the help of his mother and partner, but the tissues have barely dried before the critics start flinging their two pence worth in.

We all knew it wouldn’t be pretty, but it is safe to say that the scenes, acted out brilliantly, were nothing we could have expected, and why? Because instead of making the end a lovely, peaceful drift off to sleep, producers gave a more realistic portrayal of the experience. Read more & comment »

Emmerdale: Marc Silcock says Jackson’s assisted suicide was deliberately ‘horrific’ (VIDEO)

Marc Silcock has revealed that Emmerdale bosses deliberately made his character’s last scenes on the ITV soap ‘horrific’, because they didn’t want to ‘glorifythe nature of assisted suicide.

Viewers were upset and emotional last night, after Jackson Walsh was fed a cocktail of drugs by his partner Aaron Livesy. Aaron then sobbed and cried while his lover died in the arms of his mum, Hazel.

Speaking to The Sun, Marc said they made the scenes as hard to watch as possible, so that it wouldn’t seem like to easy option to people watching.

He told The Sun:

“We ensured it wasn’t beautiful – it is horrific, because it’s a horrific thing.

“Some people might have liked to have seen soft music in the background and for Jackson to slowly drift off to sleep.

“But that’s not reality and not what happens. We didn’t want to glorify it for one second.

“You see the love between the three of them in those scenes, which is beautiful. But what happens is not beautiful in any way.

“In reality, helping someone kill themselves would be a hideous thing, and we try to show that as best as possible.”

“I just hope people will see what’s gone into those episodes. We want people to ask themselves what they would do in Hazel and Aaron’s situation.”

ITV bosses made sure that Marc’s exit scenes were done properly and the actor explained that they were allotted extra time while filming, to make sure they got the emotion and detail right.

He added:

“We had five hours to film it, which is unheard of.

“It meant we had time to go through it in so much detail, so by the end of rehearsals we knew exactly what we were going to do. Everyone took it incredibly seriously.”

“We usually mess about and have a laugh on set but it was the quietest I’ve ever heard those studios in the entire time I’ve been there, because we knew what it meant.”

“Thankfully I was given a massive amount of support throughout filming. I realised it was a huge storyline and I took it very seriously.”