The Sopranos: Writer David Chase is “flirting” with the idea of a prequel!

sopranos final scene

sopranos final scene

Sopranos fans around the world were left sad, and a tad confused, when the beloved HBO drama about the New Jersey mafia came to a halt back in June 2007.

For over eight years we had followed the life of boss Tony Soprano (James Gandalfini) as he juggled the dark gangster underworld full of corruption, murder and worse with his husband and fatherly duties.

However, despite the gripping action of the 6 previous series, which saw more main characters hurt and murdered than you could shake a stick at, when it came to the grand finale episode the ending scene turned out to be as placid and almost meaningless as you would find in daytime soap.

The show wrapped up in a diner where Tony, his son AJ and wife Carmela were eating dinner. During the scene there were several indications that something big was about to happen, with several suspicious individuals flitting in and out of shot, so when the door opened and the camera then panned round to Tony we were expecting some pretty major drama.

But instead the show simply stopped.

james gandalfini tony soprano the sopranos

A black screen was presented to the audience for several seconds before the end credits started rolling leaving many people wondering what on earth it could have meant, and causing many to think that maybe this was not the end after all.

However seven years later, and after several suggestions of a movie, we are all still none the wiser, but now one of the writers, David Chase, has offered an explanation.

Discussing the finale at a recent Q&A session on a panel at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, Chase had this to say:

“Well the idea was you get killed in the diner or not killed

“Here’s what Paulie Walnuts says. In the beginning of that episode he says, ‘In the midst of life, we are in death, or is it, In the midst of death we are in life? Either way we’re up the ass.’ That’s what’s going on there.”

james gandalfini tony soprano the sopranos

He also added this explanation to the cryptic manner of the episode:

“There was something else I was saying that was more important than whether Tony Soprano lived or died. About the fragility of all of it. The whole show had been about time in a way, and the time allotted on this Earth.”

However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel as, whilst a movie is still only an idea, especially given the recent death of James Gandolfini who Chase described as a genius, Chase has considered it, as he explained:

“A lot of people have talked to me about it, and frankly I still flirt with the idea sometimes. But if I had a really great way to do it, I would do maybe a prequel.”

Would you tune in to see a prequel, or is the series better left remembered as fondly as it is? Watch the final scene of The Sopranos in the clip below: