South Korean fans slam Mariah Carey over very disappointing concert

by Martin


Mariah Carey has left many fans disappointed in South Korea following her performance earlier this week, where many just walked out.

The songstress brought her ‘Elusive Chanteuse’ tour to Seoul earlier in the week and though fans started out being VERY excited to see her, they weren’t impressed in the slightest by the end of the show.

Netizen Buzz, a website which tracks popular news stories in Korea has translated a number of comments from upset readers into English.

The translations show that Carey didn’t leave a lasting impression on her Korean fans and that a lot of them left early, finding the whole gig a bit of a let down.

One reader wrote: “The absolute worst… I can’t believe I actually paid money and left work early to watch such a horrific concert,” one commenter wrote.

Another person agreed and wrote: “She was bad right from her first track. I feel bad for anyone who paid to watch this. I saw an ajumma walk out in the beginning saying, ‘Wow, this is so trash that I can’t even listen to it.'”


It’s also been said that the popular singer was lip-syncing during the concert with one reader posting: “I’m a Carey fan who just got back from the concert… I thought she’d at least perform her most famous tracks in Korea like ‘Hero’ or ‘Without You’ but she didn’t!!

“And the majority of the concert was spent on dancing and instrumental performances instead of her singing. A lot of lip syncing instead of live as well. Overall, a disappointment.”

Mariah Carey opened her ‘Elusive Chanteuse’ in Tokyo, Japan last weekend where she faced some trouble there when it appeared she failed to hit some of the high notes she’s known for hitting.

Check out a video which was posted online below and see for yourself. Would you have left the show early? Would you be looking for a refund if the singer failed to deliver?