Spoilers and clips from The Walking Dead season two return! Plus Sam Witwer on his zombie role

by Lynn Connolly

Fans of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead will be pleased to hear that season two is to resume in February with an episode entitled, Nebraska.

The eighth episode of season two will be shown first on AMC in America, at 9/8c on Feb 12, 2012, and then shortly after in the UK on FX on February 12.

The synopsis for ‘Nebraska’ reads…

After the destruction of his family, Herschel demands that Rick and his group leaves immediately. Shane and Rick’s differences begin to openly erupt…

Meanwhile, during the season two hiatus, it was revealed that Being Human star Sam Witwer played an uncredited cameo role as a zombie in season one of the show.

During an interview with Paranormal Pop Culture, Witwer described how he was approached by Frank Darabont – who was formerly the showrunner on Walking Dead – with his idea for how season two of the show would go. But of course, since Darabont subsequently left the network and the show, his plans didn’t come to fruition.

Witwer said, “[Darabont said to me], ‘Look, I think it would be really cool to tell a prequel story about how Atlanta fell. Do Black Hawk Down, but with zombies.

‘And have a few main characters pass through, like a Twilight Zone episode [and] the lead will be you.

‘And your character will go through and you’re a soldier and all these horrible things happen, the chain of command breaks down, and eventually you have to take out your superior officer to save a bunch of people.

‘Then, eventually in the end, you get bit.’

“And [Darabont is] pitching me this, ‘You’re crawling and you crawl into this tank and you have this grenade and you’re going to blow yourself up. But you set the grenade next to you and you die.

‘Then, we reprise the scene from the pilot, where Rick crawls in the tank and there’s a zombie there.’

“And if you look closely, I played that zombie because we were setting up this prequel we were going to do. If you watch the pilot of Walking Dead, that’s me in the tank as the zombie.”

You can see Witwer’s interview in the clip below…

However, back to the return of season two, and below are a few sneak peek clips. Some have duplicate content but hey, it’s worth watching twice right?!

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