Two households come together in Being Human 1955

by Gerard McGarry

Being Human: Leo and Pearl pay a visit to Annie and Tom

Being Human 1955 – George is dead, baby Eve is an orphan, but there’s no hanging around at Honolulu Heights as Annie and Tom, the surviving members of our supernatural family receive some unexpected guests.

Elsewhere we see Annie (Lenora Critchlow) laying down some house rules to werewolf Tom. He’s clearly keen to please, since he’s memorised them all. Well, all except the one about killing vampires. And it looks like there may be some new residents before the episode has ended as the newly discovered trio of Pearl, Hal and Leo come seeking help for the dying werewolf.

Outpost Skaro has a brilliant spoiler-free review of 1955 which speaks of a lighter tone than last week’s heartbreaking premiere, and casts some light on the new characters:

Anne and Pearl wage the politest bitch fight in the show’s history. Leo, a real gent, steals your heart with understated graced and charm. And Hal brings something new to the range of vampire archetypes. Far from cool, miles from gothic angst and not one to get the girls’ hearts beating faster. Tightly wound, out of touch and OCD he’s like no vampire we’ve seen so far.

My prediction? Leo’s definitely going to die. It’s almost a certainty. However, in order to restore the format to a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire, it’s possible that Pearl (who looks a little bit like Paloma Faith) will have to shuffle off this mortal coil. What I think will happen is that Leo will die and the prediction Hal made about familiars will come true – with Leo dead and Pearl far from the barber shop she previously haunted, she may ‘die’ as well. That would leave Honolulu Heights with one of each type and an uneasy alliance between Tom and Hal.

What do you think, folks?

Official Synopsis: Annie and Tom are surprised when another supernatural trio turns up on their doorstep. Old werewolf Leo is dying, and his vampire friend Hal believes the secret to saving his life can be found at Honolulu Heights. Annie is confident she can channel the power to help them, but Tom remains sceptical about whether she should, particularly when the bloodsucking stranger appears to take an interest in baby Eve.