Star Wars Episode VII may not follow traditional release date so when could it be out?

by Martin


Star Wars Episode VII is coming. We’ve known that for a while but we don’t know when. If you’re a Star Wars fan then you’ll know as release dates go the movies tend to be released in the month of May (Star Wars: The Clone Wars being the exception) and while many believe that tradition can’t be broken several reports state otherwise.

Production of JJ Abrams’ continuation of George Lucas’ sci-fi series begins early next year at London’s Pinewood Studios and several sources have spoken with Badass Digest and the date being thrown around for the official release could be the 15th of December.

This date would give the entire production team more time to complete the product which is already on a tight schedule.


As we said earlier all previous Star Wars movies have had that summer release – May and this change will come as a surprise to many. Star Wars has been known as the smash hit of the summer. It doesn’t strike us as the Christmas blockbuster we’re all used to seeing however that’s not to say the movie won’t be a success. If it’s anything like previous movies it’ll be a hit no matter when it’ll be released.

Ever since the first movie was released back in 1977 the entire franchise has made somewhere in the region of $4,382,359,868 in the box office and that figure is worldwide.

The most recent Star Wars film (I’ve not forgotten Star Wars: The Clone Wars) was Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and was released 8 years ago back in 2005. That movie made a staggering $848,754,768 in the box office world wide however that wasn’t the highest grossing Star Wars film.


Back in 1999 you may remember when Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was released to the world. That film, wait for it made a jaw dropping $1,027,044,677 though when you take into account US Inflation some of those totals will fluctuate but we won’t complicate you with all that.

Remember though, this date hasn’t been confirmed, but for all your Star Wars news make sure you keep an eye on our various social networks.

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