Sky1’s sexy, sassy and intelligent crime drama Bones, starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, has been a perennial favourite with critics and audiences alike. Based on the hugely successful Kathy Reich’s novels the hit show has been described as a sexed up CSI with humour, like Silence of the Lambs mixed with Moonlighting, and possessing that magical Sam and Diane, Mulder and Scully, will they wont they, opposites-attract quality.

A huge success in the US, with a popular regular cast, Bones has always recruited surprising guest stars including Ryan O’Neal, John Francis Daley, Heavy D and Britain’s own Stephen Fry. Now he is set to reprise his role.

Stephen Fry will return as psychiatrist Dr Gordon Wyatt in the episode Mayhem on a Cross. With his British wit, a curious sense of humour and a knack for rubbing FBI Agent Seeley Booth up the wrong way, Dr Wyatt is always a welcome addition to the team of squints at the Jeffersonian Institute.

Stephen Fry (Dr Gordon Wyatt) says: “They have been very kind and asked me back many times but I have just been unable to do it, but this time it worked out. It’s always a pleasure to work with David and Emily.”

David Boreanaz (FBI Agent Seeley Booth) says: “Stephen is always a great energy to have around. His character picks up where he left off with Booth, challenging him in a way that nobody else does.”

Emily Deschanel (Dr Temperance Brennan) says: “It’s wonderful to have Stephen back – I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time so it’s pretty exciting for me to work with him.”

Having previously appeared in three episodes in season two as Agent Seeley Booth’s psychiatrist Dr Wyatt is back to tell the team that he is retiring and to assist on a book that Sweets (John Francis Daley) is writing. But as is the way it’s not long until the good doctor is drawn into a case that focuses on the mysterious disappearance of the bassist from the black metal band Spew. As well as offering his expertise and wisdom to the team Dr Wyatt reveals one or two surprising anecdotes himself including the surprising fact he was once the lead singer of a glam rock band.

Bones. Thursday’s at 9pm only on Sky1 and Sky1 HD