Strike Back: Project Dawn coming to Sky One

High-octane drama blasts back onto Sky 1 HD this August for a super-sized second series of Strike Back: Project Dawn. Extended to ten parts and marking the first ever co-production between Sky and HBO/cinemax, the sequel continues Sky 1 HD’s commitment to original drama.

Strike Back was an immediate hit, starring Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, Spooks) in an explosive tale of betrayal, glory, redemption and revenge. In Strike Back: Project Dawn Armitage resumes his role as John Porter, and he’s in a whole world of trouble. When he’s kidnapped by an international terrorist group, Head of Section 20, Colonel Eleanor Grant (Amanda Mealing, Holby City), dispatches Sergeant Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester, Camelot, Fringe) to lead Porter’s rescue.

Teaming up with former US Special Forces operative, Damian Scott (Sullivan Stapleton, Animal Kingdom), and Captain Kate Marshall (Eva Birthistle, Waking The Dead), Stonebridge sets out to save his colleague and stop the terrorists, triggering an adrenaline-fuelled adventure boasting original globetrotting storylines brimming with breath-taking action.

After decoding a secret message from Porter, episode one sees the team heading to The Royal Lotus Hotel in New Delhi, India. Section 20 set up a remote command and, with the help of Major Jamal Ashkani (Jimi Mistry, East is East) from Pakistan Intelligence, Stonebridge and Scott infiltrate the hotel. They suspect that infamous terrorist leader Latif will show up, who was responsible for Porter’s abduction.

But all hell breaks loose as a group of Pakistani terrorists invade the hotel. After rounding up terrified hostages and rigging the hotel entrance with explosives, the siege has begun. Completely trapped and with time running out, can Stonebridge and Scott work together and rescue the hostages?

Talking about his character Sergeant Michael Stonebridge, Philip Winchester commented: “He is dedicated, disciplined, always plays by the rules and often saves the day. Stonebridge directs his energy trying to protecting others. But as the story unfolds we see that Stonebridge is not the knight in shining armour…”.

Sullivan Stapleton plays ladies’ man and maverick soldier Damien Scott. Talking about his relationship with the straight-laced Stonebridge he commented: “They have a professional respect for each other. At the start they rubbed each other up the wrong way. Scott would definitely get on Stonebridge’s nerves cause of his undisciplined ways. Scott has nothing to hide. What you see is what you get and what you get is a very honest, reliable risk-taking naughty boy.”

Swapping her stethoscope for deadly weaponry, Amanda Mealing is thrilled to be playing Head of Section 20. Talking about her character Colonel Grant, she describes her as : “Tough! Tough! Tough! Hard as nails. She is very contained, very direct, very driven. The beauty of it is I get to exorcise this alter ego. I love it!”.