Stupidest & weirdest TV shows and titles


I was recently messing about on t’internet, as you do, and came across details of a kid’s show entitled Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! So this got me wondering how many other shows have similarly ludicrous titles or content… and there are quite a few of them, so I thought I’d share just a few of my findings with you lovely peeps!

So let’s start with Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! It’s a cartoon that’s set mainly on the fictional planet of Shugazoom which follows the adventures of five robotic monkeys and a human boy named Chiro as they struggle to protect their planet – and the rest of the universe – from the forces of evil. Yes, it really is as bad as it sounds too. It’s one of those annoying anime things where they constantly shout and their mouths form huge O shapes when they ‘speak’. But there’s more weirdness than that even…

Next is P’tang, Yang, Kipperbang which was made in 1982 for Channel Four films. The plot is that a boy likes girl at school but is too embarrassed to confront her. Alan relates everything to a running cricket commentary – that was provided by John Arlott – right up to the will-he-won’t-he finale, when he has to kiss Ann in a school play. It was actually a pretty good, if sometimes rather odd, film, depsite it’s daft title. Here’s a clip…

Then there’s Bobobobo Bobobo, in which the characters confuse their enemies into submission, confusing the viewers in the process. Even ignoring that, the main character is a Kenshiro, a blonde who uses “fist of the nose hair” and the enemy is an evil empire that wants to shave everyone’s head, despite most of its members having hair… it doesn’t get much weirder surely? Oh but wait…

kamen-no-maid-guyKamen No Maid Guy — means Masked Maid Guy in English. A gigantic masked sociopath in a maid’s uniform terrorises an absurdly well-endowed samurai schoolgirl for her own good.

You just don’t get that particular kind of weirdness outside Japan I don’t think!

Then there’s a six episode variety show called Vermillion Pleasure Night which featured ‘skits’ including a drama about a family of mannequins, a spaceship boarding house with a tortured alien, and a bunch of actresses being Barbie dolls. These are interspersed with one off stories about cannibals and bondage nurses, so maybe Japan doesn’t have the monopoly on weird after all!

And there are loads of reality TV shows with stupid and/or funny titles such as, So You Think You Can Skydive which is pretty self-explanatory and the legendary, When Good Pets Go Bad with that all American macho dude Mark Thompson who narrates it. Let’s see a little cliperoo from this epic show…

Then there’s I Want a Famous Face which was, unsurprisingly, a failed MTV series which ran from 2004-2005. In this one, fans would undergo surgery to make them appear like their favorite celebrity… yeah, it didn’t work.

priest-idolMy next offering sounds like an episode of Father Ted but it was in fact a real show; Priest Idol. Well, we’ve had American Idol, Pop Idol, why not an Idol show for priests?

The show featured a new vicar “trying to breathe life into his lackluster and failing church”. Needless to say it didn’t draw audience numbers the size of the other Idol shows but I’m sure there were literally tens of watchers from the clergy!

And finally, you know how celebrity Z listers go on shows such as I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here just to get their mugs on the box again? Well how about this one for ‘I’m desperate to be on TV again’…. Celebrity Shark Bait. Yes, in 2005, this ITV1 show threw celebrities into shark infested waters along with chum to attract sharks. Unfortunately, they spoiled it by putting the celebs in shark cages, but still, how desperate would you have to be to go on that show!

Here’s a brief clip of Amy Nuttall getting ready to be Celebrity Shark Bait…

If you know of any bizarre TV shows with wacky titles, do let us know!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.