Sugartown launches on BBC One

Shaun Dooley, Miranda Raison and Tom Ellis are among the ensemble cast of Sugartown, a new three-part comedy-drama series for BBC One revolving around a small seaside hamlet in the north of England which once enjoyed a heyday as the “stick-of-rock” capital of Britain.

As the series begins, the staff at Sugartown’s famous rock factory are busy preparing for Jason’s surprise engagement party to local hairdresser Emily. Jason’s glad to give them something to celebrate, because, frankly, “rock ain’t rolling” any more and he’s only just keeping the business afloat. But the party – and the whole town – are set to be derailed by the unexpected return of Jason’s suave, prodigal brother, Max.

Emily and Max had been childhood sweethearts but that was before he walked out on the fading seaside resort for the big city and broke her heart. But all that’s behind her now and she loves Jason. Max’s reappearance can only spell trouble, though, and he swiftly proves her right by announcing his big plans to redevelop the town and cash in on Britain’s new wave of holiday-at-homers, starting with a controversial casino. Worse, he wants to close the family rock business to take his share. As the town’s main employer and claim to fame its closure would devastate the community.

However, the eccentric, loveable gang of Sugartown locals don’t plan to take things lying down. With unlikely help from another newcomer, a spirited young dancer, Carmen, who’s fallen in love with the town and its resident bad boy, Travis, they discover Sugartown once had another claim to fame – dance – and they may just have found a way to save it.

Jason is played by Shaun Dooley, Emily by Miranda Raison, Max by Tom Ellis, Carmen by Georgia King and Travis by Rob Kendrick.

Sunday 24 July
10.25-11.25pm BBC ONE

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