Supersize vs. Superskinny: Emma Frost vs Scott Hastie

In the feeding clinic, it’s a battle of wills as stubborn calorie counting health freak 38 year old Emma Frost faces up to 23 year old Scott Hastie, the non stop eating midnight muncher.

Emma, who weighs in at just 6 stone 1 pound, is so obsessed with her ‘healthy’ diet that she’s wasting away. Trying to cut out ‘unhealthy’ food, she’s actually starving herself of what her body actually needs to stay fit. And Scott who snacks constantly between his gigantic meals is now 25 stone 7 pounds which means he’s morbidly obese and in danger of serious health problems.

Christian is forced to get tough with Emma who barely touches Scott’s high calorie meals. And Scott gets a wake up call from America in the form of forty six year old Kenny Brumley. Kenny weighs a staggering thirty seven stone and needs a cocktail of drugs every day, just to stay alive.

All of this is revealed in a hard hitting film that forces Scott to wake up to the real risks of his dangerous diet.

Serial dieter Anna Richardson continues her investigation into getting the perfect body as she discovers the latest ways to get the perfect butt.

Keen for a firmer rounder derriere she tries out the very latest bottom firming exercises before witnessing a brand new procedure in which filler is literally injected into your buttocks. She also meets 50 year old Sarah Burge, who’s spent over 500,000 pounds on her face and body. She calls herself the real life Barbie and almost every single part of her face and body has been enhanced through cosmetic procedures.

Plus our four anorexics try a spot of salsa dancing. Locked into unhealthy solitary forms of exercise, eating disorder dietician Ursula Philpott hopes salsa will encourage them to pursue more social, less intensive ways of keeping fit.

Tuesday 6th April at 8.00pm, Channel 4