Supersize vs Superskinny Kids returns to Channel 4 in March 2011

by Lisa McGarry

Supersize vs Superskinny returns to Channel 4 and in this series experts are focusing their attention on children and their often dysfunctional relationship with food.

Research shows the number of obese children in the UK has tripled over the last twenty years whilst the number of pre-teen children admitted to hospital suffering from anorexia has risen by 125% in the last decade (The Guardian 2009).

In Supersize vs Superskinny Kids specialists aim to get to the root of this growing problem, and help children and their parents to change their unhealthy lifestyles for good.

Presented by Dr Christian Jessen, each episode will see one overweight and one underweight child plus their parent move into the clinic as they attempt to get to the heart of their problematic relationships with food.

Dr Christian will be joined by Dietician Ursula Philpot to give the families a much needed wake up call as they undergo a week of specially created challenges designed to transform their bad eating habits.

Across the week, the children and their parents will be encouraged to try new ingredients, swap meals and take part in a blind taste food test designed to challenge their food fears. Plus they will be confronted with the horrific effects a poor diet has on the body in the shocking `Malnutrition Gallery’.

Supersize Kids will also get a glimpse into their potential future as they watch ‘Postcards from America’. These powerful short films feature morbidly obese American children and reveal the appalling affects caused to their health by excessive eating.

At the end of their stay in the clinic, the children will embark on a unique healthy eating plan created by Ursula Philpott. At the end of the 12-week period, we’ll invite the two families back to the clinic and find out if they have banished their bad eating habits and transformed their lifestyles for good.

The series will investigate the impact anorexia has on young children as we chart the journey of four young teenagers in various stages of the condition.

Plus we’ll be getting an insight into the dangerous affects a bad diet has on the body in our ‘Body Slices’ strand. Using 5mm slices of genuine human body pressed between two sheets of glass, Dr Christian will show a group of school kids the appalling damage that both over and under eating can have on the human body.

Supersize VS Superskinny Kids aims to educate families on the dangers of unhealthy eating whilst giving them the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Supersize VS Superskinny Kids returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday 22nd March