Supersize vs Superskinny returns to Channel 4 this spring

by Lisa McGarry

Supersize vs Superskinny, the magazine show that highlights Britain’s dysfunctional relationship with food is back for a new season. Dr Christian Jessen and Anna Richardson return to front the programme, which tackles the dangerous effects of extreme dieting, morbid obesity and eating disorders.

Every week, one super-size and one super-skinny person will move in to the feeding clinic to swap unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. With the help of Dr Christian, they will be confronted with one another’s wildly contrasting and destructive diets and given a much-needed wake up call to change their ways before it’s too late. In this series Christian will be digging deeper, as he attempts to unearth the reasons that lie beneath the unhealthy eating. This time it’s not just about what the diet swappers are eating, it’s about what’s eating them!

Supersizers get a supersize glimpse into the future as they watch ‘Postcards from America’. These disturbingly candid and intimate films feature morbidly obese Americans and reveal the appalling affects caused to their health and lifestyle by excessive eating.

Meanwhile, Anna Richardson attempts to get the perfect body whilst exploring what’s on the market that can help you get one. She tries out and investigates the very latest products, exercise fads and surgical and non invasive procedures that offer quick fixes. She finds out what works – and what doesn’t.

Supersize vs Superskinny also charts the progress of a small group of people – three women and one man – as they seek support and treatment for the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. Each week the group are helped to come to terms with their illness by facing a series of challenges to tackle their fear of food. Working with renowned specialists Dr Peter Rowan and Ursula Philpot, the strand explores the causes and symptoms of the illness and investigates the impact on family and friends living with someone affected by the illness.