Supersize vs Superskinny – The show revisits three of last years inmates at the Feeding Clinic

by Nathan Crudden


In tonight’s episode we get to see how three of last years inmates at the feeding clinic are getting on – meal dodger Nathan Smith, Takeaway lover Chris Longley and convenience queen Jo Palmer. In the space of one year have they been able to leave their horrible diets behind them?

We also revisit Dr Christian’s time in Evansville, Indiana – the city in the USA that came in as America’s Fattest. At the local hospital, Dr Christian meets people who are suffering from the effects of obesity, and talks to staff who have had to deal with numerous patients suffering from obesity related problems. The Dr then goes on to spend time with Keith Davis from Goliath Caskets. Keith knows all about the growing problem, as he is the maker of the biggest coffins in the US.

Twenty-four stone Chris ate up to a dozen takeaway meals a week. His body was seriously sufferring from the strain of obesity when he entered the Feeding Clinic. At the other end of the diet swap table was 21 year old meal dodging hairdresser Nathan Smith, with only an 8 stone frame. Dr Christian gives Chris a supersized shock when he makes him meet up with 32 stone ‘Big Joe’ Amador. Joe, who is only 5 years older than Chris, has been told he has only 5 years to live because of the extent of his obesity.

The show also goes back to see supersizer Jo who weighed 24 stone, convenience was her motto and she rarely cooking was not allowed when she entered the feeding clinic. Jo travelled to America to meet 33 stone Diana Steede, who has asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and needs oxygen 24/7, all of these problems are caused by her extreme obesity. Jo meets Emma, who lives on barely 800 calories a day, eating small amounts of crisps and squash, and they swap diets. Three months after Chris, Nathan and Jo exited the Feeding Clinic, they all did well on the scales. But now that a year has passed, have they all managed to stick to their new healthier lifestyles?

Tonight, 8pm, Channel 4. Leave your comments below.