Superstar Episode Two: Afnan Ifitikah is the first Jesus to be voted off

by Matt D

Oddly the second episode of Superstar kicked off with an elimination as Amanda Holden robotically revealed who was in the bottom two which turned out to be Dirk and Afnan. On advising the boys how to tackle one of the most emotional songs he’s ever written, Memory from Cats, he advised Dirk to make the song his own while Afnan had to worry about his pitch. Once they’d both done their best musical leading man bit it was up to his Lordship to save his favourite eventually picking Dirk and sending Afnan home though disappointingly there was no elaborate dismissal in the vein of the Dorthys handing back their shoes on Over the Rainbow.

After Adnan’s exit we were back to business as usual with Ben kicking off the performance portion of the programme with Plan B’s ‘She Said’ however this evening we see Lord Lloyd-Webber proffering advice to each potential Jesus firstly telling Ben that he needs to be more cocky. Jason opened the judgments by telling Ben that he gave an aspiring performance and most importantly he was in control of his tools. Mel told him that once again he delivered a strong performance and that he has set a challenge for the other boys. Dawn said she hopes that Ben stays in the contest however warned him that he looked stern when he was in pose. Finally Andrew said that he bought out the cocky nature describing him as a cool dude with a fantastic voice.

Ben was up next with a stripped back version of The First Cut is The Deepest with Andrew’s advice being that he should focus on the song. Following the performance Dawn told him that he had to start believing himself describing him as a significant contender adding that he inhabited the song so elegantly. Mel noted that there were some pitching issues but also commented that as well as his impressive falsetto he also had beautiful tones throughout the range of his voice. Jason agreed with Mel about the pitching issues but thought that the energy of the audience lifted him. Andrew concluded by saying that Tim connected with the material this evening and thinks that he’ll go a long way.

Andrew advised Rory that he had to think about the lyrics of his song which turned out to be Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ which he rocked out to just like he did last night. Like last night Jason described Rory as a rock star saying that he doesn’t have to try too hard because he’s control however he did offer a small criticism that being that he wants to see Rory ease into himself a bit more. Mel described Rory as a natural performer while Dawn called him a real powerhouse adding that he wrangled the song to suit his own style. Andrew finished up calling Rory a superstar, which I’m guessing means the show’s already finished!

Nathan wanted to show the UK he’s not just a rock singer by crooning his way through Lloyd’s Dedication to my Ex accompanied by a full-working bar and a whole host of tambourines. Mel noted that Nathan had a lot to contend with but nothing suffered through the choreography and that he delivered a very confident performance. Dawn told Nathan he was mesmerising and also joked that he demonstrated some extraordinary pouting. Jason praised Nathan for his strong vocals however he again warned Nathan that he needed to display his vulnerability so people would fall in love with him ending by advising him to embrace the actor with in. Andrew agreed with Jason however he did say that if Nathan’s rock voice is his one trick he works it very well.

The next performer, Roger, was told by Andrew to strip away some of his self-doubt before he came out and sung an almost unrecognisable version of Katy Perry’s Part of Me. Dawn described Roger as a solid, powerful performer although she noticed that this song wasn’t quite in his department commenting that it was like a jacket that didn’t quite fit. Mel said that though Roger has a soulful sound there was also a natural edge to his voice although she did fear that he would try too hard to be rocky while Jason believed that Roger really got into the vibe of the song. Andrew ended the comments by saying that Roger got a lot out of the song and that it would be very intriguing to see him play the role of Jesus.

Survivor of the sing-off Dirk was up next with a lot to prove with his opening advice from Lloyd-Webber being that he should give more attitude and lose his shyness in his performance of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ complete with Blue Man Group style drummers. Mel commented that he was a little shaky at the start but that he showed strength throughout and congratulated him on surviving the elimination. Jason didn’t think the song suited him as it was a difficult song to interpret though he told Dirk that he needed to release the beast as he wasn’t seeing his edginess yet. Dawn said that Dirk gave himself permission to come alive however he still needs to demonstrate more fearlessness. Andrew then praised Dirk’s vocals before going into a bizarre aside about golf clubs.

The youngest of the bunch, Jeff, did a weird low-key version of The Killers’ Mr Brightside from which Andrew wanted Jeff to tell the story. Jason described Jeff as a gentle sensitive person but still felt that his performances lacked passion adding that he needs to let go a little bit more. Dawn admire Jeff’s hutzpah and told him that the camera really loved him. Andrew thought Jeff did very well as though he is inexperienced he will grow as the show goes on but to an extent he did agree with Jason.

Next up was Irish dreamboat Niall who Andrew advised to believe in himself as he had a tremendous singing voice which he demonstrated with his performance of The Script’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. Jason told Niall that it wasn’t a bad performance but noted that there were some control issues adding that he didn’t think Niall really connected with the song. Mel thought that his personality came through the song and added that while there was one dodgy note he did recover well. Dawn described Niall as an open, fresh performance and said he was like sunshine on a rainy day. Andrew meanwhile still wondered if Niall was right for the role thinking he was a bit more like David Essex in Godspell.

Jon, the former holiday camp worker, came out of his comfort zone with a smooth re-working of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. Mel said that she believed every word adding that it was a courageous, intimate performance and that Jon worked with the tones and dynamics of the song wonderfully. Dawn said that he totally carried the song and that when she saw him feeling the song it was incredibly endearing. Jason said that Jon sung from the heart, that he had great tone and that he enjoyed it because Jon enjoyed. Andrew concluded by saying that Jon lost the Butlins completely and sung the song beautifully.

The final would-be Jesus of the night was David who was told by Andrew to really understand the lyrics of Rebecca Ferguson’s ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ in order to sing it properly. Dawn told David that he had a fantastic ability to make the intention of the song really clear adding that he made it look easy. Jason thought that the best had been left till last and said that David reminded him what an arena performer is all about concluding that he inhabits the song so well. Mel told David that he was born to perform and that everything he did came so naturally to him. Andrew ended the compliments by telling David that he was pleased he took in everything that they talked about adding that he thought he sold the song brilliantly.

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