Superstar Live Show Five: Niall Sheehy eliminated but given words of encouragement from Andrew Lloyd-Webber

by Matt D

I’m starting to think that the opening numbers that the potential Jesuses sing on Superstar now all have a religious theme as was witnessed by them howling their way through Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’. As Lloyd-Webber basically rubbished the format of the show we will now be having our eliminations at the end of each episode so we heard the numbers to vote for our favourite lad each night however we heard two different sets of numbers as Amanda Holden completely ballsed up the simplest of tasks. As I’m having to watch Superstar every night I’ve noticed how truly horrendous Holden is in the hosting role and I do wonder if the only reason she’s there is as she has some association with the Simon Cowell empire.

Anyway there was no masterclass for our boys now instead in their opening VTs we saw each of their family members talk about their love of music starting with loveable Irish boy Jeff’s folks talking about him joining the school choir despite it not being very cool. Andrew tonight was looking for physicality and wanted to see the boys owning the stage as the arena stage would be much bigger than the one that they were currently working on however going by the judge’s comments Jeff didn’t pull it off. Dawn noted that he got a little lost while sauntering around on the stage and she thought his performance of ‘Satisfaction wasn’t as exciting as it should’ve been. Mel disagreed claiming that it was a brilliant opening performance and that she liked Jeff’s newly found inner confidence. However Andrew agreed with Dawn noting that his performance lacked physicality, most of which came from the dancers, but he did complement Jeff on his great vocal.

It was time for last night’s saved competitor David who was singing Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Nothing Compares 2U’ however I personally could see the nerves getting to him. Jason though disagreed with my judgment saying that he couldn’t really fault him calling it a great performance adding that he was a master of connecting with the audience however his only criticism was that he knows when David’s acting saying that he’d like to see a little bit more of the real him. Dawn called him the real actor in the competition saying that his performance really touched her before describing him as the real contender. Andrew told David that he knew he was going to go a long way despite being in last night’s bottom two before applauding his vulnerability.

Rory’s wish before his performance of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ was to really connect with the lyrics and prove to his Lordship he was a real actor. Jason told Rory it was another great moment for him and although he only saw shades of the actor within it was still a great performance that he couldn’t fault. Mel told Rory that this was an opportunity for him to show the depth of his acting but she found that that was an area that they needed to work however Andrew loved his tender take on the song saying that he got more thrilled as he listened to him.

While all the other contender’s families were ultra-supported Nathan’s brother seemed to only want to talk about his luxurious mane which was on full display during his performance of Bill Withers’ ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. Jason said that when Nathan engages with the lyrics of a song he’s with him 100% describing it as another outstanding performance but he wasn’t sure about the vocal gymnastics. Dawn described him as a force of nature calling it a controlled, mature performance however she worried about the fight between his confidence and ego. Andrew thought Nathan did extremely well although once again he hammered home his advice about connecting with the lyrics saying if he does this then he will be an extraordinary performer.

Ben’s lovely Northern family offered him some lovely Northern words of encouragement before he delivered an over-earnest performance of Tracey Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’. Dawn praised Ben for his fantastic diction and great story-telling calling him a smart performer adding that she realy wanted him to stay in the competition. Mel complemented Ben on his wonderful singing style but wished he’d play it a little straighter at time nonetheless she said she’d relish the opportunity to play opposite him. Jason said Ben’s performance gave him shivers saying that he’s exciting to watch as he brings something different every night. Andrew finished off by telling Ben that he has done something extremely rare which was to act but at the same time be himself.

Niall’s mum and sister talked about a local girl hosting Superstar parties every night however I’m guessing those behind the show wished that all of those attending the parties would watch in separate homes to bump up the dismal ratings. Niall’s performed The Calling’s ‘Wherever You Will Go’ which saw him a rather elaborate routine involving a wall separating him and a beautiful dancer which was meant to illustrate the song or some such nonsense. Mel said she wasn’t really sure about his performance tonight saying that she really enjoyed the acting side but feared he might be falling behind the rest of the pack. Jason praised Niall’s lovely smile but worried he might be falling behind the rest of the pack noting that he might not be giving it 110% though Dawn loved the storytelling as she said she wanted to be the girl on stage. Andrew congratulated Niall as he felt he’d improved in his acting however he still felt that the Irish lad went out of tune when he tried to push himself to hit the higher notes.

Jon’s family reminisced about how he used to sing with his siblings then he came out to sit on a throne while singing Robbie William’s ‘Feel’. Kicking off the judgments Dawn described Jon as one of the most delightful men she’s ever met but felt that the nerves got to him a little bit but she hoped that he could turn his jitters into good energy. Mel said the majority of his performance was great and powerful however she felt that they needed to improve his technique on the trickier notes adding that she’d like to see him singing something up tempo. Andrew finished up by voicing his worries about the uncomfortable break in Jon’s voice and though he praised his journey he stil wonders if the role of Jesus is right for him.

The final of tonight’s contenders was Roger whose mother said that playing Jesus Christ would suit his personality before delivering an incredibly smooth rendition of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Jason starting the criticism saying that he felt there were a few tuning issues in the verses of the song however he thought that when Roger sung the choruses he came alive adding that there was a new confidence in him tonight before finishing off by saying that they were seeing more of the actor within him. After flirting with him once again Dawn said that she’s glad that he can act adding that she could really see him in the role of Jesus. Andrew agreed with Dawn that Roger could play the part however he warned him to look after his physical side saying that he looked like he was a bit out of puff following the performance.

As Amanda Holden described it as ‘the part of the night I dread’ I thought we were going to hear her recite the numbers again however it was time for eight to become seven as we had another elimination. Amanda toyed with David’s emotions before revealing right at the end that he was safe while it was Rory Taylor and Niall Sheehy in the sing-off with Andrew not being able to offer more advice than simply saying ‘courage’ as the two boys tackled ‘Alone’ by Heart. Andrew didn’t want to give us a long reality show pause instead plumping for Rory straight away but telling Niall that he’d have a massive career in the West End suggesting roles in both Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables that would be perfect for him. Amanda teased us with tomorrow’s show in which there will be two boys saying their goodbyes and thankfully I’ll have a weekend where I won’t have to watch Superstar.

So now we’re down to just seven potential leading men. Who’s your favourite? Who should go next? Leave Your Comments Below.

Niall – There are roles for you in the West End,