Superstar Live Show Four: Tim Prottey-Jones leaves the contest after singing twice!

by Matt D

As always Superstar kicked off with a random group performance of a song that isn’t in the musical that these men are auditioning to take the lead role in however at least Coldplay’s ‘Vida La Vida’ does have lyrics about missionaries in a foreign field and Jerusalem bells-a-ringing. After the usual rigmarole over who was safe and who was in the bottom two it came down to David Hunter against last night’s saved contestant Tim Prottey-Jones. As the two boys went down to get the nightly tips from Andrew Lloyd-Webber he surprised us all by saying that he’ll only make his decision about the elimination after he’s heard both the sing-off and the two boys’ nightly performances. The two did there best on ‘The Long and Winding Road’ however, and I’m sorry to be using a talent show cliché, I think Tim’s grown more as a performer while David’s a little bit too clean cut to play Jesus.

Mel C was tonight’s coach in the opening videos giving each boy a little bit of advice starting off with Niall who she told to be a little bit more confident although I did prefer Andrew telling him not to be a little boy last night taking all this on board the Irishman did his best with U2’s ‘One’. Jason told Niall that his performance was good but not outstanding adding that he thought there was a few tuning problems, he was a little lazy in his phrasing and he didn’t think he was inhabiting the stage as well as he could. Dawn praised Niall for bouncing back but wanted him to show more gravitas in order for her to really see him playing Jesus. Andrew finished off by saying that Niall was looking a bit more like a star but worried about his vocal stamina but he conceded that Niall was learning all the time so he hoped he’d stay in the competition.

In her opening advice Mel told Rory to protect his voice as his vocal chords would be tested during his performance of ‘Roxanne’. Mel also kicked off the comments by telling Rory he didn’t disappoint, she absolutely loved the vocal choices that he made as they left her breathless she finished off by telling him that he was her daughter’s favourite. Dawn praised Rory for always stepping up and delivering describing him as utterly bankable before questioning how he was both cute and powerful at the same time. Andrew admitted that he’d never be disappointed by Rory’s voice but he said he’d like to have seen a little bit more tenderness in the performance advising Rory to think about the lyrics a bit more but if he did this Andrew believed that he had it in the bag.

The first of the bottom two to perform was David who Mel told to be consistent which he tried to be with his rendition of Elbow’s ‘One Day Like This’. Dawn described David as rousing displaying her shock that he’s in the bottom two before describing him as a triple threat. Jason described David as vulnerable, loveable but said he’s probably in the bottom two because he overthinks however he does believe that David will stay. Andrew said David’s performance delivered absolutely everything and added that he showed what a real actor was about as he conveyed joy despite wondering if he’s still got a place in the competition, essentially the pressure is definitely on Tim now.

Mel came face to face with the man who made her tearful last night, Ben, before telling him to think about his breathing during his performance of Maroon 5’s ‘This Love’. Mel complemented Ben for demonstrating his professionalism as the entire staging of his performance had been altered two hours before curtain up she also said she loved the new sound in his higher notes. Dawn praised Ben for his energy adding that though he’s a pop singing he had tremendous musical theatre chops but she did ask him to open his eyes more. Andrew meanwhile described Ben’s performance as honest and the best of the night so far saying that he’d definitely set the bar high.

Mel told Jon to be stricter with his vowel sounds as he approached James Morrison’s tricky tune ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ a song that I didn’t at first recognise. After the performance Mel said Jon was back in the game but she said that they still needed to work on his head voice to make it as powerful and confident as the rest of his vocal range. Jason noted that Jon looked like he was enjoying himself and he enjoyed it although he thought Jon wasn’t as in control of his falsetto as he was the rest of his voice. Dawn described Jon as honest and true before adding that she could see he was reigning his performance in. Andrew finished off by saying that it was nice to see Jon smile however he warned him not to adapt the song to fit you but rather to adapt to fit the song.

Of course with Nathan everybody hammered home the vulnerability factor to him before he went out and delivered an incredibly memorable performance of The Fray’s ‘How to Save a Life’ Dawn described Nathan’s performance as effortless adding that it was the start of a dignified humility in Nathan and finished by saying that it was the first time that she could really picture him playing Jesus. Jason described the performance as simple, beautifully sung and told him that he believed every single second of what Nathan was singing. Mel said that it was the most tender performance that Nathan has given adding that she thinks they’ve seen a new side to both his voice and his personality. Andrew told Nathan that he was glad he’d taken on all of his advice as he felt that Nathan really believed in the material and once he’d done that then he’ll turn into an outstanding performer.

Up next was soul man Roger who took us in a bit of a different direction by rocking out to Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again’. Jason described the rendition as fun saying that he got the balance between rock and pop just right and adding that he thinks it could be one of the best performances of the evening. Dawn flirted with Roger once again before calling him classy, potent and a mover. Andrew was also glad that Roger moved around tonight as he proved that he could cope with the physicality of the role of Jesus before describing him as a real front-runner.

Tim was back again to sing for his survival we saw Mel try to give him some self-confidence before he went out and really delivered with a cracking performance of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ though he did break-out the falsetto something Andrew advised him against yesterday. Mel described it as Tim’s best performance so far while Jason told him that he deserved to be in the contest both saying that they don’t envy Andrew’s position. Dawn said that she absolutely loved watching him telling him he went up five notches and that the song was a gift for him. Andrew answered my question by saying that there was no way he could’ve performed Aerosmith without screaming before joking that if somebody could spirit him away right now he would go.

Last up was Jeff who Mel told not to let his performance of Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose’ get too sweet and twee but instead to let his inner rocker out. Mel told Jeff that his performance was very pitchy so they needed to work on the transition towards the higher end of his voice. Jason agreed with Mel to an extent but though Jeff delivered tonight and that he should feel good about his performance. Andrew put Jeff’s tuning issues down to the awkward intervals in the song but told Jeff he was emerging as a real performer with light and shade concluding by saying if they could build on that then Jeff has a way to go in the competition.

So it was finally time to hear Andrew’s decision but he started by saying that in an ideal world he didn’t want either to go but he put his producing hat on saying that he felt more professionally secure keeping David and losing the less clean-cut Tim which I think was a mistake. Andrew added to his decision saying that David was a better actor and he thought that Tim might not be able to deal with the anxiety of an arena tour.

So we’re down to our eight potential Jesuses so once again who’s you’re favourite? Did the right person go tonight? Leave Your Comments Below.