Superstar Live Show Three: Dirk Johnston voted off after ending up in the bottom two once again

by Matt D

Andrew Lloyd-Webber opened the third live show of Superstar by saying it’s going to be a very exciting night, but I already had a feeling that I would be able to sue him under the Trade Descriptions Act. Before we had the token opening performance from the boys, which turned out to be a fairly saucy rendition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band complete with different coloured pocket handkerchiefs, Amanda interviewed the judges where Andrew gave a very detailed description of the plot of the show, while Dawn French oddly offered the boy that got voted off a horse and some double glazing.

As usual, Amanda reeled off the names of the safe potential Jesuses, which left us with a bottom two of self-doubter Tim Prottey-Jones and the contestant that was saved by Lloyd-Webber last night Dirk Johnston. Tonight, Lloyd-Webber didn’t give the boys one of his songs to sing but instead it he offered them advice on how to best tackle Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’ like he wrote the song or something. Personally I found the performance very campy and full of over-acting, but then I suppose that’s ALW’s kind of thing eventually he picked Tim to stay based on what he’d just heard. Tim claimed that it was the toughest thing he’s ever had to sing, and thanked Lloyd-Webber for saving him while Dirk thanked his Lordship for believing in him and thanked everyone for his opportunity. Most excitingly, they now have a new exit procedure where the eliminated boy gives his handkerchief back to the survivors while they all embrace and the title track plays in the background unfortunately it’s not quite up there with the Over the Rainbow shoe weirdness.

Tonight, Andrew wants to see the charisma of the boys to shine through, claiming tonight that he wants to see the acting through the performances so he’s bought back that terrifying American acting coach Donna from Superstar Island. First up was Roger with his take on Extreme’s ‘More than Words’ which meant that he couldn’t belt out the notes as he has done over the two previous nights. Mel kicked off the judgments, calling Roger’s interpretation of the song tender, heartfelt and difficult to fault however she did note that he was a little bit pitchy in the beginning. Jason agreed with Mel, calling Roger’s performance simple, genuine and told him he thought he had the opportunity to go all the way, however he did say he’d like to see more connection to the stories behind the song. As always Dawn flirted with Roger before telling him that she thought he delivered the song with great grace adding that he sang from the heart. Andrew finished up the compliments by thinking that Roger’s performance was better than the original before telling him that he had a huge chance of going all the way.

After being told off for not showing enough vulnerability, Nathan was next with a fairly impressive performance of Mr Big’s ‘To Be With You’. Dawn called Nathan a born performer telling him not to let the criticism knock his confidence, adding that she believed the negative comments propelled him to deliver a much more tender performance. Jason agreed with Dawn saying that he’d listened to what he’d told him, and said that he was back on course with Mel agreeing saying that they’ve seen Nathan’s softer side. However Andrew Lloyd-Webber disagreed, saying he’d not seen enough self-doubt from Nathan saying he needs to see the other side.

Donna’s advice to Rory was to show more power in his performance and really connect with the audience from the start of when he was singing a rather mediocre version of ‘Dakota’ by Stereophonics. Jason kicked off by saying that while it wasn’t Rory’s strongest performance, and that he’d like to see more of his acting side, he still thinks that he has an amazing arena presence adding that he was pitch perfect. Dawn called Rory a solid consistent talent with an edgy voice and added that she made his heart sore before describing him as a junior Bono. Andrew created a new word – arenability to describe Jon saying that he’d rip any arena apart before saying that they’d discovered a major star and that he was really very special.

Jon looked visibly scared during his time with Donna, who told him to cut back on the holiday camp theatrics and not to over-think things as he delivered a pretty un-complicated version of Berlin’s classic 1980s power ballad ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’. Dawn told Jon that he astonished her, saying that she thought he was demanding that none of them overlook him. Mel thought Jon wasn’t as comfortable as last night, but she added that he was no longer the underdog that he was when the competition started. However Andrew offered some constructive criticism saying that though he sung brilliantly he sung this song of optimism with a sense of tragedy saying that Jon must try to think about the words he’s singing.

David has been impressing everyone and even Donna told him that he had a major gift, however his worries came through the choreography on his version of Florence & The Machine’s You’ve Got the Love, which I personally thought was a bit something and nothing. Mel started by saying that she was a little nervous but thought he was extraordinary and that she’d never seen anything like it, adding that he’d left her speechless, but Dawn warned David about being too complacent, saying that she’d hurt him if he did it. Jason said that David really rose to the occasion and said he was inspired after he’d made a difficult song his own finishing by saying it was a unique performance. Andrew said that he saw the moment of joy in the song, but wanted to see a little bit more arenability from him.

Ben’s big fear was in ruining an all-time classic which turned out to be R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts, however he delivered a classic talent show version of the song. Mel praised Ben for an incredible performance of a well-loved song, saying that she was a bit teary and that it was the most emotion that she’d ever heard in his voice. Dawn said that there was some proper grown-up emoting going on, and that he was touching however she did say that she found it hard to place him as Andrew’s Jesus. Jason called ben the consummate professional as he takes risks and he was very brave, adding that he told the story before telling him that he always comes up with the goods. Andrew answered Dawn, saying that he believes Ben could tell the story behind the songs in the musical and saying that he inhabited tonight’s song completely.

Tim, who was in the bottom two earlier, was back to fight for his place in the competition tonight, delivering an odd performance of Muse’s ‘Time is Running Out.’ Dawn was full of compliments, saying that she has full love for him adding that he must trust the process before talking about his wonderful open face that lets people in to some pretty uncomfortable places. Mel told Tim that he did the song justice before Andrew told him he needed to see more light and shade, telling him he didn’t want to hear his falsetto again tomorrow night.

Once again we were told that Jeff was the youngest Jesus in the process before he went out and gave a very rocky rendition of Nickleback’s ‘How You Remind Me’. Mel praised the natural rock tone in Jeff’s voice, saying that she thought it was his best performance so far. Dawn agreed saying that it was a much more mature performance, adding that she thought Jeff was really starting to blossom. Jason added to the positive praise, saying that the song really suited him however, he wondered if there was a little bit more that he good be giving. Andrew finished by joking that the baby had finally come out of the manger before admitting that he thought Jeff was really talking to him, before finally saying that it was by far his best performance.

The last would-be Jesus was Niall, who wanted to maintain his focus during his rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Dirty Diana’ which I actually thought was a lot better than last night. Dawn was first up and said that Niall had improved so much from last night, adding that he allowed us to see who he really is and that she wanted him to show everyone else what he could do. Mel said it was his best performance to date, but that he still needs confidence, while Jason told him he’s come up in notches though he still needs to feel more comfortable about the staging. Andrew finished by saying it was by far Niall’s best performance as it was the first time he’d really seen him fight on stage, however he advised him never to be a little boy again.

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