Swedish DJ Avicii explains break from the music biz is for “health reasons”

by Martin
Avicii is working on his new album
Swedish DJ Avicii is on the road to recovery

Swedish DJ Avicii is on the road to recovery

Last month, we reported that Swedish DJ and producer Avicii – known for his hit tracks including ‘Hey Brother’ and summer anthem ‘Wake Me Up’ – was forced to cancel a number of shows.

It was later revealed that the shows were cancelled because of the star’s ongoing pain and discomfort which was as a direct result of surgeries he had earlier in the year. Now the DJ has spoken out as to why cancelling was important…

While you might think that being a DJ doesn’t necessarily involve much physical effort, the pain and discomfort Avicii suffered even prevented him from walking at times…

As mentioned above, the DJ had surgery to remove his gall bladder and appendix earlier this year, and from what we understand, he didn’t take the appropriate time off to heal.

Now, during an interview with Billboard, Avicii has opened up about the cancellations and said that after the operation, he just continued to keep “going and going” and was losing a lot of weight.

Avicii went on to add that while he took a month off, “it wasn’t really a month off”, and explained that for 12 hours a day, he was in the studio and then went straight back to touring.

The decision to cancel his shows couldn’t have been easy, but it was the right thing to do.

He added: “I’m going to try to slow it down. Taking a break was the absolute best thing I’ve done. I’m doing better and better.”

Talking to Billboard about new music and his next album recently, Avicii intimated that he’s taking a step in a new direction by including guitar and keyboards, which aren’t [perhaps what you’d expect of his work.

Avicii is working on his new album

Avicii is working on his new album

Nonetheless, President of Island Records David Massey has commented on his new album and said that he believes this could be his David Bowie moment.

Massey said: “He kept surprising people with new directions that were innovative yet incredibly accessible. I want this to be the biggest album in this genre, and if anyone can do that, it’s Tim.”

His manager Ash Pournouri however is keeping a close eye on him during his recovery to make sure he returns to full health.

He remarked: “We’ll hold everything off until Tim is completely back on track.

“We’re not going to make any presumptions about when that will happen. We’re just keeping an eye on him and when he’s going to be completely healthy so we don’t have to deal with any of this ever again.”

Avicii had the final word and said that while he misses going around the world, he still knows he made the right choice because now he can focus on his album 100%.

“For once in my life, I don’t feel the rush to do anything. I can take my time and focus 100 percent on the album, which has always been where my first passion really lies — in the music.”