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Chasing Shadows Review: Reece Shearsmith stars in this ludicrous ITV Crime Drama (Spoilers)

Chasing Shadows

More often than not ITV always excels when it comes to producing a good crime drama. The ridiculously popular Vera and Lewis sit alongside such gems as the critically acclaimed Broadchurch. But every now and then the channel produce a rare dud and a case in point is their newest crime drama Chasing Shadows. On the surface a drama about a brilliant detective assisting the Missing Persons Bureau sounds like a fine idea but in practise the results are very different.

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Doctor Who’s Reece Shearsmith, Alex Kingston, Noel Clarke cast in Chasing Shadows – ITV

Reece Shearsmith

ITV have announced a thrilling new four-part drama titled Chasing Shadows, which seems to have borrowed heavily from the cast lists of BBC hit sic-fi show Doctor Who.

The new series will focus on the work of a missing persons field unit charged with tracking down serial killers who prey on impressionable and vulnerable people.

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Doctor Who: John Barrowman wants a ‘normal’ female to replace Matt Smith!


John Barrowman simply can’t stop talking about Doctor Who at the moment.

For the last few months he has been discussing the 50th anniversary special – how he was taking part then, after it was announced he wasn’t, how gutted he was.

Now that he is well and truly out of the running for the celebratory episode to be aired this November to mark the shows landmark birthday, he has moved on to the subject of Matt Smith’s replacement.
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Doctor Who: Alex Kingston knew Matt Smith wanted to leave & Samuel West wants to be the next Doctor

alex kingston
Alex Kingston has revealed she knew Matt Smith was thinking of leaving Doctor Who before he made the announcement.

Kingston, who played the Doctor’s wife River Song, appeared on The One Show last night and said that sometimes you have to move on as a young actor, “otherwise if becomes too difficult” to steer away from being associated with a particular role.
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Doctor Who Prequel to air before series finale!

Doctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten 6

As if the Doctor Who series 7 finale wasn’t exciting enough, the BBC has revealed that there will be a Doctor Who prequel available via red button for the week leading up to it!

According to Radio Times, the episode, entitled He Said, She Said, will feature both the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) in a dream like style as they both talk directly to the camera, discussing how well they really know one another.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: The Name of the Doctor will reveal Clara’s true identity, and not everyone will make it out alive!


Ahead of the much-anticipated series finale of Doctor Who, The Name of the Doctor, it has been reported that the episode is set to unveil many secrets, and some pretty harsh consequences too!

The name alone suggests that we are in for a treat, especially after show runner Steven Moffat revealed that a huge secret that would change the dynamics of the show forever would be revealed.
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Doctor Who: John Barrowman wants ANOTHER spin-off show for Captain Jack and River Song!

Torchwood star, John Barrowman, has revealed that he would like to join forces with Alex Kingston to star in another Doctor Who spin-off series!

The actor, whose character Captain Jack Harness was the star of previous Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, says that he has discussed the idea with Alex, whose character River Song has made several appearances in Doctor Who.
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Doctor Who to be embroiled in a love triangle when River Song returns! And Jenna Louise Coleman on Matt Smith’s “demands!” (VIDEO)

river song, alex kingston

Fans of Doctor Who will of course know that the show is back tonight with the episode entitled The Bells of Saint John…

And as the series continues, we’re apparently to see that the Doctor’s sidekick Clara Oswald falls for the Time Lord – who is of course, for now at any rate, played by Matt Smith – which would be fine and dandy were it not for the fact that his wife, River Song (Alex Kingston) returns in the new run of the show!

Writer Steven Moffat – who as we reported recently has hinted he may not remain with the show for much longer – has teased the return of Kingston’s character, telling MTV Geek that he suspected the Doctor would “come across” River Song on his travels in this series… Read more & comment »

Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan: Amy and Rory’s last episode is full of style but not as memorable as I thought it would be

The Doctor says goodbye to the Ponds

Near the beginning of this week’s Doctor Who, the last before the mid-season break, The Doctor rips out the page of the current detective novel he’s obsessed with as he doesn’t like endings which is an ironic statement to make as we all know this is the end of the road for companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

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Doctor Who star Alex Kingston finds out her great grandmother ran a brothel on Who Do You Think You Are?!

In tomorrow night’s edition of Who Do You Think You Are? on BBC1, we’ll see Doctor Who star Alex Kingston – who of course plays River Song in the sci-fi drama – discovering the shocking revelation that her great grandmother was a ‘Madam’ who ran a brothel!

According to the Daily Mirror, as Alex learns more and more about her ancestors, she seems “baffled” by some of the facts that the show’s historians have discovered.

She remarks, “Almost all of the women are heads of the street which seems extraordinary. The men seem absent.”

However, the penny then drops and a stunned Alex says, “Are they prostitutes, are they really? Oh my god, oh no.”

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Doctor Who cast spotted filming in a Welsh graveyard!

The Daily Mail reports today that several members of the cast of Doctor Who were recently spotted filming scenes for the forthcoming series seven in what the paper describes as “a spooky Welsh graveyard.”

And among those cast members was Alex Kingston, who of course plays River Song, who’s evidently back for what is the final series for Karen Gillan and for her character, Amy Pond.

Joining Karen and Alex on set was Matt Smith, who of course plays the Doctor, and Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory Williams, who’s also been written out of the show during the new series… Read more & comment »

Doctor Who: Is the final kiss for Amy and Rory? And it looks like River Song is coming back!

As fans of Doctor Who will of course know, the characters of Amy Pond and Rory Williams – who’re played by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill respectively – are being written out in the forthcoming new series…

And a picture from today’s Daily Mirror (above) may have captured what could be their last kiss.

There’s also a hint that River Song (Alex Kingston) could be back in the new series, but more on that in a moment.

To return to the kiss, the Doctor (Matt Smith) doesn’t look like he approves too much does he? But of course, we won’t know what the frown’s all about until we see the actual episode in the autumn.

However, the show’s writer, Stephen Moffat, hasn’t ruled out the possibility that Amy might die, branding her departure “heartbreaking”. Nor has Karen, who recently said of the prospect of Amy’s demise, “It could be possible…” Read more & comment »

Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens wants a comedy role, and Upstairs Downstairs’ Emilia Fox on “unscripted” love scenes

As we reported earlier this week, there’s some concern in the ranks of Downton Abbey’s production team that some of the show’s major stars may quit…

And as Dan Stevens – who plays Matthew Crawley – has expressed a desire to move on, it seems their worries may be well founded!

Speaking to the Sun, Dan has revealed that he’d love to try his hand at a comedy role as his next project.

He said, “I would like to do something modern and possibly funny.

“I seem to have not had many laughs for a while, so that would be nice.”

Meanwhile, in Downton’s rival show, Upstairs Downstairs, one of the show’s stars, Emila Fox, has revealed that she and Alex Kingston ad libbed their love scenes and “made it up as we went along.”

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Emilia Fox says she and Alex Kingston are “great lovers” in Upstairs Downstairs

As fans of period drama Upstairs Downstairs will know, the new series features the racy storyline of lesbian lovers, Lady Portia Alresford and Dr Blanche Mottershead…

And today, the Sun’s TV Biz reports that Emilia Fox – who plays Portia – reckons her character and Alex Kingston’s make “great lovers”.

Emilia first revealed that neither she nor Alex were nervous about filming Portia and Blanche’s first lesbian love scene, which we’ll see on March 4th in episode three.

Of it, she said, “Alex and I make a great pair of lovers! It was wonderful — we just went for it.

“We weren’t nervous, because we just decided to have fun with it and it’s good to be asked to do something you’ve never done before…” Read more & comment »

Alex Kingston and Kenneth Cranham join cast of Upstairs Downstairs

BBC One’s hugely anticipated revival of legendary drama Upstairs Downstairs, which was a smash hit with viewers old and new, attracting audiences of over 8.4 million, begins filming six episodes with two stellar additions to the star-studded line-up: Alex Kingston and Kenneth Cranham.
Alex Kingston (Moll Flanders, ER, Doctor Who), and Kenneth Cranham (The Night Watch, Made In Dagenham) will join the cast when viewers return to the famous Eaton Square, London address, two years on, in 1938 when Chamberlain is in power.

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