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Doctor Who: Miranda Hart laughs off rumours that she is set to replace Matt Smith and Arthur Darvil wants Helen Mirren for next Time Lord!

With the entire world, it would seem, speculating over just who the next Doctor Who will be, one of the names that has been linked to the iconic role has laughed off the very suggestion! Ever since current Time Lord, Matt Smith, announced his decision to bow out of the famous role during this year’s Christmas Special, rumours about just who would be taking the baton from him have been circulating more ferociously than wild fire.

Doctor Who: Arthur Darvil says ‘Doctor Who is such a different job to any other’ and Toby Whitehouse admits he would like to be show runner!

After we reported earlier this week that Doctor Who mastermind, Steven Moffat, has ruled out a return for Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the actor who plays Rory, Arthur Darvil, has revealed how different working on the hit BBC sci-fi family entertainment show to any other job you could have. Arthur Darvil became a household name when acting alongside Karen Gillan as Rory Williams and his wife Amy Pond, the previous companions of the current Doctor Who (Matt Smith).

Broadchurch to be released on DVD May 2013!

Last night saw the premier of the exciting new ITV thriller, Broadchurch, starring former Doctor Who David Tennant, and if you are already hooked, as most of the country appears to be, then you can get the whole 8-part series on DVD! Tennant, who held the position of BBC world saving Time Lord Doctor Who prior to its current leader Matt Smith, plays out-of-town Detective Inspector Alec Hardy investigating the mysterious death of an 11-year-old boy on a beach at the foot of a cliff at the seaside