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Danny and the Human Zoo: Lenny Henry’s semi-autobiographical drama is an enjoyable Bank Holiday treat (Spoilers)

Lenny Henry
As we approach the end of the August Bank Holiday Weekend, I must say that on the whole, the TV output has been a bit lacklustre. The return of The X-Factor and the above average The Trials of Jimmy Rose feel like they could’ve been on at any time of the year, and I’ve personally been missing that big piece of event TV that all the family can sit round the box and watch together. Luckily that’s arrived in the form of Danny and the Human Zoo, Lenny Henry’s semi-autobiograp

Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch joins Tom Hiddleston, Arthur Darvill in charity auction

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Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Arthur Darvil may be able to purchase some art produced by the stars’ fair hands and all in aid of a very special cause this week. The three actors, who between them have much of the UK’s female population swooning on a regular basis, are among a host of celebs all joining forces for The Stampin’ Up! ‘Cards for Keeps’ charity auction.

Doctor Who, Broadchurch & Downton Abbey pick up at BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2014 & Arthur Darvill sings “let it go!”

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Two of Britain’s proudest exports have picked up gongs at this year’s BAFTA TV Craft Awards! The long-running, much-loved BBC family sci-fi series Doctor Who won the award for Special, Visual and Graphic Effects whilst the 50th anniversary biopic, An Adventure in Space and Time, starring David Bradleu as first Doctor William Hartnell in the story of how the show came into creation, won the prize for  Make Up and Hair Design.

Broadchurch Series 2: Arthur Darvill confirms his character’s return – What about David Tennant?

After the success of the hit ITV murder mystery, Broadchurch, one of its stars has revealed that he has signed up for the second, much-anticipated series. Arthur Darvill played Rev, Paul Coates in Broadchurch, which told the story of the sudden and shocking murder of eleven year old Danny Latimer in a sleepy seaside town. Darvill’s character fell under suspicion, much like most of the town, when it came to light that he had taught Danny and his friend about computers, and how to destroy ev

The White Queen Episode Nine: Amanda Hale and Rupert Graves continues to shine in a confusing penultimate instalment of the historical drama

Numerous times during the past two months, I’ve had to bone up on my medieval history while watching The White Queen. Wikipedia has really been my friend as I’ve attempted to navigate through the various relationships between the characters and who’s actually next in line to the throne. Though the history lessons have calmed down in recent weeks, tonight instalment really confused me indeed. It wasn’t so much because of the historical aspect of the episode but rather that

The White Queen Episode Eight: Amanda Hale and Rupert Graves continue to shine in the instalment which focuses on the infamous Princes in the Tower scandal

One of my main criticisms of the last couple of episodes of The White Queen has been the fact that none of the actors seemed to have aged at all. Thankfully this instalment rectifies that by making our remaining protagonists look about twenty years older than they did an episode ago. A case in point is Max Irons who, as Edward IV, has remained a young swaggering character throughout the series despite being called old and fat. But, with the aid of a dodgy beard, Edward is now allowed to look lik

ITV’s Broadchurch Episode 5 review: Jack Marshall’ spills all to Hardy (David Tennant) & boat owner is identified

In my previous review of Broadchurch I noted how Danny’s murder had made the seaside town a particularly hostile place. Despite the ominous tents now being moved from the beaches, there’s a mood of distrust in the air and that definitely manifests itself in tonight’s episode. As we saw last week, newsagent Jack Marshall’s past was brought up and the police have marked him out to be one of the lead suspects.

Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill says playing Rory has been “the best job I’ve ever had”

As fans of Doctor Who will doubtless know, this weekend’s episode, The Angels Take Manhattan, will see the exit of popular sidekicks Amy Pond and Rory Williams, who are of course played by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill… And today, Arthur has revealed that starring in the show as Rory has been, “the best job I’ve ever had.” However, he also revealed to TV Choice magazine that leaving the show was also one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do. He said, “There were lots of peop

Doctor Who – The Power of Three: Amy and Rory consider their options in this interesting episode with some treats for older fans

As all Doctor Who fans know this run of episodes will conclude with the last time we’ll see companions Amy and Rory and over the past few weeks hints have been dropped to why the couple will want to depart the Tardis. Over the past three episodes we have seen The Doctor visit the Ponds on a less regular basis, while they seem more eager to get back to their regular lives commenting at the end of last week’s mission that their friends will be wondering why they are rapidly aging. Thes

Doctor Who – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: The Doctor reunites with The Ponds and Rory’s dad in an episode that is full of fun

The first episode of this series of Doctor Who was dominated by the revelation that latest companion Jenna-Louise Coleman appeared earlier than anticipated and that her character had already been turned into a Dalek. Though Asylum Of The Daleks was a success for me at least it was dominated by this big twist, with Steven Moffatt later praising us journalists for keeping the secret, as well as all of the drama involving Amy and Rory’s marriage. There’s no denying that there were some lighter

Doctor Who: Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill to get own spinoff show ‘Pond Life’

It’s been a big news day for Doctor Who fans! It was confirmed earlier today that the new series of the show will kick off on the 1st of September at 7:20pm and the show will end at 8:10pm, meaning it will only clash with ITV juggernaut The X factor for a short ten minute period. The episode will be titled Asylum Of The Daleks and Unreality TV attended a preview screening last week, so make sure to check out our spoilers and teasers here and here.