Broadchurch: Show is deemed “grim & boring” by TV veteran Celia Imrie!

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British actress, Celia Imrie, has branded the hit ITV drama Broadchurch grim and boring! We are a little bemused by such a statement, seeing as how both series of Broadchurch were met with the highest acclaim and viewer ratings in several countries, so we can’t help but think that this declaration is a little on the sour grape side, seeing as Imrie wasn’t invited to come along and play with the all-star cast hand-picked for the show.

US PILOT SEASON NEWS: Which Broadchurch star is joining NBC’s Blindspot?

Marianne Jean-Baptiste will be easily recognizable to the millions of Broadchurch fans out there, as she joined the cast of the hit ITV series for its second season – which concluded just on Monday. Now, it has been revealed just what she’ll be up to next and she’s heading back to America once again. The British actress was a mainstay on CBS series Without a Trace, which ran for 7 series before its cancellation by NBC in 2009. She’ll be heading back to the very channel wh

Broadchurch given a ratings boost by randy ‘dogging’ couples?

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When crime drama Broadchurch returned to ITV for a second series earlier this year, viewer ratings were not nearly as high as they had been during the show’s first series, which, during its finale, saw David Tennant’s troubled character DI Hardy arresting Joe Miller – the husband of Hardy’s colleague and close friend Ellie Miller – for the murder of young Danny Latimer…

Broadchurch Spoilers: Joe Miller to be freed AND to kill again? Matthew Gravelle spills…

broadchurch joe miller pleads not guilty
The second series of ITV crime drama Broadchurch continues tomorrow night at 9pm, and if you’re a fan of the show, then you’ll know that in last week’s new series debut, Joe Miller pleaded not guilty to the murder of young Danny Latimer, which was the focus of series one. That came as a shock to all concerned of course, given that Joe had previously confessed to DI Alec Hardy – who’s played by David Tennant – that he killed Danny, albeit that the murder wasn’t premeditated.

Broadchurch actor Matthew Gravelle “terrified” of researching paedophiles for role as Danny Latimer’s killer

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Playing the part of a paedophile has to be one of the toughest assignments that an actor can take on, and we would imagine that before taking on such a role, an actor would have to consider whether he or she could become typecast and worse yet, the subject of hatred from the public… Because of course, there are (frighteningly) many TV viewers who are convinced that actors are in actuality the people they play on-screen, so to portray a paedophile could potentially be a very serious busines

Broadchurch spoilers: What did Olivia Colman & David Tennant have to quit whilst filming series one?

When this year’s surprise hit Broadchurch first hit our ITV screens, nobody could have predicted just how popular it would become, and so quickly – Even those who were part of the show were left a bit gobsmacked! For weeks fans were glued to their tellyboxes as the murder mystery of an eleven year old boy left the sleepy seaside town where he lived in complete shock, whilst police tried to piece together what had happened to him.

Broadchurch: Jodie Whittaker says David Tennant lifted cast spirits during filming

Filming any drama must be pretty gruelling for the actors involved, but when it comes to those filming the gritty and hard-hitting murder mystery Broadchurch, we can only imagine how emotionally draining it must have been. When the first series of Broadchurch hit our screens last spring, it had the nation gripped as we found ourselves mesmerised by the murder investigation that was launched after an 11-year-old boy was found dead on the beach of the sleepy seaside town where he lived.

Broadchurch Spoilers: Series 3 rumoured before series 2 has even hit screens!

Before the first series of Broadchurch had even finished airing, it was announced that a second series was in the pipeline… In fact, the official confirmation came literally at the end of the gripping series finale – just after the credits rolled – leaving us all super-excited to find out what series two had in store for us.

Broadchurch series 2 premiere date & new trailers shed a LOT of light!

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As if I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here returning last night wasn’t enough excitement already for us on a Sunday evening, the lovely people over at ITV decided to fill the advert breaks with equal deliciousness too! No, we don’t mean the Peter Andre Iceland adverts (although he was looking every bit as tasty as that Irish cream profiterole cake), we are referring to the teaser trailers for the new series of Broadchurch, which were broadcast between bushtucker trials and

Broadchurch Series 2 Spoilers: Does new trailer hint at storyline? (VIDEOS)

Ever since it was announced that there would be a second series of Broadchurch, we have been wracking our brains trying to figure out how it could play out. The hit ITV mystery told the story of the murder of an eleven year old boy on the beach of a sleepy seaside town, followed by an investigation into his death.

Broadchurch US remake ‘Gracepoint’ to air on UK TV this autumn!

Following its mixed reception over in the US, the American remake of the hit ITV murder mystery drama, Broadchurch, is heading our way soon! Broadchurch – the second series of which is currently in production here in the UK – will go down in history as one of the biggest surprise TV hits of the decade, so much so that even our friends across the pond fell in love with it too.

Broadchurch Series 2 Spoilers gets rave reviews at ITV Upfronts!

Ever since the end credits of Broadchurch series one, where it was confirmed that a second series would follow, we have all been dying for the show to return. The main reason for this is that we are super intrigued to find out just how there could possibly be a sequel to a murder which was so shocking, as it was the first of its kind for the sleepy seaside town where it took place.

Gracepoint Spoilers: Anna Gunn reveals ending is “Chilling & shocking!”

With the excitement building for the second series of the hit UK murder mystery, Broadchurch, it is easy to forget that we have almost as much to look forward to when the US remake, Gracepoint hits our screens too! At first the prospect of a US version of a whodunit that we had already seen the conclusion to didn’t feel us with much anticipation, after all we already knew the punch line, but then reports started coming in that Gracepoint would feature significant differences to the UK seri

Broadchurch Spoilers: Joe Sims teases ‘must see’ series 2!

When it was first announced that there would be a second series of the hit murder mystery, Broadchurch, we all wondered just how this would play out, After all, the reason Broadchurch captured the attention of just about the entire nation was because it’s refreshing concept of a murder still shocking people in a sleepy seaside town.