Celebrity MasterChef to feature soap stars in new series! Tina Hobley, Alex Ferns, Ken Morley & more!

The BBC has today released details of the line up for the new series of Celebrity MasterChef, and said line up includes five former soap stars! Taking part in the show are Tina Hobley, who played Samantha Failsworth in Coronation Street from 1996 to 1998 – but is probably better remembered for her long-running role of Chrissie Williams in the medical drama, Holby City – and Ken Morley who played the comical Reg Holdsworth in the long-running soap, will be joining former EastEnders st

Last Night’s TV – Celebrity MasterChef

This show has me puzzled; in theory, I shouldn’t like it, I should’ve been bored witless by it, yet I found myself most definitely erring on the side of enjoying it, which I really fought against… The reason being, it’s so not anything new or even different. It follows the formula set down many moons ago by every cookery show ever, regardless of whether it features Z list celebs or ordinary Joe Public, they all do the same things, yet somehow, it was still compelling viewing. Why? I