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EastEnders: Scheming Phil Mitchell comforts Shirley over Heather’s murder!

As fans of EastEnders will know, Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison) is about to meet her maker, thanks to psycho Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) who is set to murder the hapless launderette worker…

But in scenes which we’ll see on Thursday, March 22nd, when Heather’s BFF Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) hears the news that Heather’s dead, she’ll collapse sobbing into Phil’s arms.

But what she doesn’t know is that Phil (Steve McFadden) helped Ben cover up the evidence that he’s a killer.

A show source explained that Shirley will find Heather in a pool of blood, and will call the emergency services.

The insider told the Sun, “It’s a terrible scene for Shirley, who cannot believe what has happened… Read more & comment »

EastEnders: Andrew Cotton will be prime suspect in Heather Trott’s murder

When hapless Heather Trott is murdered next month, the first person the police look at is her fiancé, Andrew Cotton (Ricky Grover) who’s already shown he has a tendency towards violence…

And of course, there have been hints that he’s done something terrible in the past, but we don’t as yet know what that is.

But the real murderer is Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) and his dad Phil (Steve McFadden) will help his son to cover up the evidence that he killed Heather in a fit of rage.

A show insider told the Daily Star, “Heather’s murder is the next really big storyline coming up – and it’s going to be huge.

“Everyone was desperate to keep the fact that it’s Ben who kills her under wraps because it’s all pointing towards Andrew… Read more & comment »

EastEnders: Cheryl Fergison wants Downton role, and Lucy Beale’s at it again!

News from Walford way today includes the revelation that soon to be departing EastEnder, Cheryl Fergison, has told Inside Soap magazine that she’d love a role on Downton Abbey.

And in forthcoming episodes, we’re going to see that teen troublemaker Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater) is doing her best to thwart her dad Ian’s marriage to Mandy Salter. More on that in a moment…

But first, Cheryl – who of course plays Heather Trott – who told the magazine,
“I’d really love to be in Downton Abbey. Before I got EastEnders I used to do lots of ‘under stairs’ roles…

“But perhaps I could go upstairs this time and prance around a bit. I’d love to do all that.”

And of leaving the show – Heather is of course set to be murdered by Ben Mitchell – Cheryl said, “I’ve loved being here and every minute of playing Heather… Read more & comment »

EastEnders script peeks hint at Heather Trott’s murder!

On EastEnders’ official website, there’s a regular – and often teasingly enticing – peek at the scripts for episodes that are currently in production…

And for the past few days, I’ve been keeping an eye on them, looking out for clues as to when we can expect to witness the brutal murder of Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison).

And it seems that Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) is going to do the dirty deed at the end of February.

Click ‘Read more’ to see the script sneak peaks… Read more & comment »

EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison’s anger at being axed from her own exit scene!

As fans of EastEnders will surely know, Heather Trott is soon to be murdered by deranged teen Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe)…

However, the Sun’s TV Biz reports today that Cheryl Fergison, who of course plays Heather, was upset to learn that her final scenes were to be played by a stunt double.

The decision to use a stuntman came after the brutal murder scenes were deemed “too violent” for Cheryl to play.

The scenes have already been filmed, and after watching them, Cheryl reportedly told friends, “It’s my last scene and I’m not even in it!

“I’m going to come back to haunt EastEnders as a ghost.”

The paper adds that this was, “another bitter blow for the star” who had wanted her character to have a “heart-warming exit” and was upset when it was decided to kill off HeatherRead more & comment »

EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison says Shirley Carter is jealous of Andrew Cotton

As fans of EastEnders will know, unlucky in everything Heather Trott has finally found love in the form of Andrew Cotton (Ricky Grover), however, according to Cheryl Fergison, who plays Heather, her character’s BFF Shirley Carter is jealous of Andrew.

And of course, that’s because for years, Heather has been the go-to gal for anything Shirley (Linda Henry) wants or needs of her, but now that Andrew’s on the scene, Heather won’t be as readily at Shirley’s beck and call.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Cheryl – who’s also starred in two episodes of Doctor Who as well as The Bill, The IT Crowd and Little Britain – explained, “There has always been friction between Shirley and whichever man Heather gets involved with.

“I think she was even jealous of baby George when he was born. That means there’ll be serious sparks as the friction between Andrew and Shirley grows… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoilers: Will Heather Trott make it down the aisle before she dies?

All About Soap report that Heather Trott is soon to be “thrilled” when her beau, Andrew Cotton (Ricky Grover) proposes to her…

However, her happiness is set to be short lived, as Heather – who’s played by Cheryl Fergison – is set to be murdered later this year.

While speaking to the magazine, Cheryl revealed that Andrew will propose to her character shortly.

She said, “He tells Heather he has to go and fix Dot’s leaky tap, but she discovers he’s lying.

“Her mind goes into overdrive and she’s convinced he must be involved in dodgy dealings.

“She’s been let down so many times before, and her initial reaction is to fly off the handle.”

“In the end, he proposes with a plastic washer from Dot’s tap… Read more & comment »

EastEnders: Now Heather Trott is Phil Mitchell’s stalker suspect! Realllly?

When Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) host a Christmas party for the residents of Walford, people may think that the hard-as-nails pair are going soft, given their yuletide generosity, but they of course have an ulterior motive…

Phil and Shirley, still baffled as to who is the mystery stalker, decide that by inviting as many of the Square’s residents as possible in one place, they may be able to find out who’s been tormenting them.

So as their guests leave their coats and bags to one side while they enjoy the merriment, they have no idea that Phil and Shirley are systematically searching them for clues…

And when Shirley finds a stack of envelopes that are identical to the ones she and Phil have had from the stalker, she’s horrified to discover the bag in question is Heather Trott’s! Read more & comment »

EastEnders exec says Heather Trott’s exit will be “a happy ending!” So will she be amused to death?

As I’m sure you’ve read, rumour has it that EastEnders icon Heather Trott – who’s played by Cheryl Fergison – is to be murdered in the New Year…

However, the show’s executive producer, Bryan Kirkwood, has told Inside Soap magazine that Heather will have “a happy ending” to her stay in Walford.

So unless someone’s going to kill her via the medium of comedy – making her laugh ‘til she dies – may we then assume that the aforementioned rumour is wrong?

Or perhaps Kirkwood meant that before she shuffles off to the great launderette in the sky, she’ll be happy in her last days?

Possibly so, since he also went on to confirm that Heather’s would be beau from last summer is headed to Walford to woo her… Read more & comment »

EastEnders Spoiler: Heather Trott will be murdered in the New Year!

OMG news from Walford today is that Heather Trott – who is of course played by Cheryl Fergison – is to be murdered at the start of 2012.

And it seems her exit is going to be a “brutal” one, which will leave viewers wondering for weeks which Walford resident could do something so horrendous.

As fans of the show will know, EastEnders bosses announced that they were writing the character out earlier this year, but the news that she will be killed is one that will shock the show’s fans.

And of course, the news comes hot on the heels of reports of other deaths in the Square over Christmas, including that of Pat Evans (Pam St Clement) and Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti).

Plus, as we reported yesterday, Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel) is to be left horribly disfigured after he’s trapped in a yuletide blaze at the B&B. Read more & comment »

EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison has married her Moroccan toy-boy!

EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison – who of course plays Heather Trott and who has been axed from the show – has married her Moroccan toy-boy, 25 year old Yassine Al-Jermoni in a ceremony held in Surrey yesterday.

However, it was actually the couple’s second wedding; the first took place in Morocco in June of this year. The wedding ceremony yesterday took place at the prestigious Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club, and it’s understood that a number of Cheryl’s EastEnders co-stars attended the event.

47 year old Cheryl said of Yassine coming to the UK, “I’ve been waiting so long for Yassine to come to Britain.

“The last time I saw him was in August, it’s the longest we’ve been apart.”

Cheryl added to the Daily Mirror, “My son Alex was so excited – we were instantly like a little family.”

Cheryl – whose real name is Cheryl Ann Campbell – met her new husband over the internet 18 months ago, and has since spent her time jetting between Britain and Morocco to spend as much time as she could with Yassine. Read more & comment »

EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison was “shocked” to learn she’d been axed

As fans of EastEnders will know, Cheryl Fergison – who plays luckless Heather Trott – is set to leave the show at the end of the year, and today, Cheryl has told The Sun’s TV Biz that she was “shocked” to learn of the axing.

Cheryl, who’s played the role of Heather for five years, said, “I have to be honest, I was shocked when EastEnders told me they weren’t renewing my contract.

“I don’t know why they did it. I love playing Heather, but I guess she is like Marmite — people either love her or hate her.

“I want to thank everyone for not punching me.”

Cheryl went on to reveal that she’s asked the EastEnders bosses not to tell her how her character will be written out… Read more & comment »

See behind the scenes video with EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison

Cheryl Fergison – who of course plays Heather Trott in EastEnders – is in the process of filming her last storylines, because of course, she’s leaving the show at the end of the year…

But she took time out to talk to the BBC about the show and her co-stars.

She talks snogging, cast nicknames, and shares her incredible talent with viewers.

Click ‘Read more’ to find out what that is! Read more & comment »

EastEnders: Heather Trott to go out “with a bang”

It’s been reported today that EastEnders bosses have teased the exit storyline for character Heather Trott – who’s played by Cheryl Fergison – saying she will go out “with a bang.”

The details of the storyline which will see Heather leaving the show are being kept top secret, but it’s thought we’ll see her on our screens until early in 2012.

Of her departure, Cheryl said, “I’ve had a wonderful time at EastEnders – it’s been a privilege to be part of such an amazing programme and working alongside a fantastic group of people… Read more & comment »

EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison says playing Heather Trott has been “a privilege”

After nearly five years on Albert Square (that’s roughly the same amount of time as Wham were together, fact fans!) George Michael obsessed, Alice band wearing, 80s pop revivalist and cheese fanatic Heather Trott will be leaving our screens next year.

Her exit storyline is top secret but actress Cheryl Fergison had this to say via the show’s official website:

“I’ve had a wonderful time at EastEnders, it’s been a privilege to be part of such an amazing programme and working alongside a fantastic group of people… Read more & comment »