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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Claire Cooper to return as Jacqui McQueen? Twinnie Lee Moore hopes so!

With the new era of McQueen’s upon us in Hollyoaks it is important to look back and remember the founding members of the most iconic family in the soaps history – But could one of them be coming back? This year we have seen the return of two McQueen’s – Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane) and Theresa (Jorgie Porter) despite one being ‘dead’ and the other in prison for murder, so it would be an easy enough transition for Jacqui McQueen to make a return too.

Emmett J Scanlan proposes to former Hollyoaks co-star Claire Cooper!

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When they appeared in Hollyoaks together it would have been hard to spot just how much chemistry there was between Emmett J Scanlan and Claire Cooper! After all he played Brendan Brady the homosexual gangster hell-bent on running the village underworld, and she played Jacqui, the eldest McQueen daughter who could never quite get love right.

Emmerdale baddie Dominic Power & ex-Hollyoaks actress Claire Cooper to star in Channel 5’s Suspects!

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Former Emmerdale villain Dominic Power and ex-Hollyoaks actress Claire Cooper are set to guest star in the new series of Channel 5 crime drama series, Suspects! Power – who fans will know best for his role as calculated killer Cameron Murray – announced the news via social networking site Twitter, where he posted a tweet thanking co-star Katie Jarvis for being his “appropriate adult” during his time on the set of show, along with the hash tag #Suspects.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: The McQueen’s fake a funeral (PICTURES & VIDEO)!

As we reported earlier this month, the McQueen family in Hollyoaks are about to find themselves in a spot of bother when Trevor Royle turns up wanting Jacqui – so they pretend that she is dead, and here are the pictures to prove it! Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how Trevor (Greg Wood) was the reason that Jacqui McQueen had to flee town after she fleeced him of a van full of vodka and let his illegal immigrants, brought over for trafficking, go free.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: McQueen’s use real corpse to fake Jacqui McQueen’s death!

We knew the return of Trevor Royle in Hollyoaks would spell trouble, and it seems that we were right! Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how Trevor (Greg Wood) was the reason that Jacqui McQueen had to flee town after she fleeced him of a van full of vodka and let his illegal immigrants, brought over for trafficking, go free.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: New love interest for Phoebe Jackson (Mandip Gill)!

Aww, it’s about time that Hollyoaks Phoebe Jackson found some happiness, and it looks like she might be just about to when she meets a potential new love interest. Phoebe (Mandip Gill) arrived in Hollyoaks last year having been living on the streets with sixth former George Smith (Steven Roberts).

British Soap Awards 2013: Why Hollyoaks should win big this year!

It is that time of year again, time to cast your vote in this year’s British Soap Awards as the six categories open to the general public have revealed their short list nominations. The British Soap Awards, due to take place next month, is your chance to voice your appreciation for your favourite actresses and actors in the world of the Great British Soap Opera. This year see’s the usual suspects, but also offers the opportunity to give some departing stars the best send-off possible

Hollyoaks: Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen) says bosses tried to tempt her to stay!

With her final week in Hollyoaks upon us, Claire Cooper has revealed that show producers desperately tried to get her to change her mind when she decided to quit her role as Jacqui McQueen! Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Claire’s character, Jacqui McQueen, is currently involved in a scam involving some dodgy vodka, and some even dodgier thugs.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) leaves the village for good, just as Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) proposes!

It is a sad week indeed for Hollyoaks fans everywhere as the hit Channel 4 soap says goodbye to one of its best loved characters, Jacqui McQueen. As we reported earlier this year, Claire Cooper, the actress who plays the feisty matriarchal McQueen quit the show to focus on other projects, and, as her final week arrives on our Channel 4 screens, we can now reveal the details of her exit!

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Surprise pregnancy for Diane O’Connor (Alex Fletcher) – but where does that leave Sinead’s (Stephanie Davis) baby?

There is a surprise in store for Diane O’Connor in Hollyoaks, when she discovers that she is pregnant by Tony Hutchinson, despite being told she can’t have kids! Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Diane (Alex Fletcher) arrived in the village with her ex-husband and two step kids. Desperate to have a child of her own, Dianne tried IVF to no avail, and so settled for being a stepmother.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nick Pickard says Jacqui McQueen’s (Claire Cooper) secret is a deal-breaker for Tony Hutchinson!

As we reported earlier this week, a secret revealed by Jacqui McQueen in Hollyoaks is set to leave her relationship with Tony Hutchinson in the balance, and now Nick Pickard has revealed that it’s set to be a whopper! Jacqui and Tony are set to get close again next week after Tony realises his feeling for the matriarchal McQueen when an attempt at a new romance with Diane O’Connor fails to take off.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) to reveal BIG secret to Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard)!

Jacqui McQueen hasn’t had the best of luck in Hollyoaks recently, and with the recent arrival of an old prison friend, Trudy Ryan, it seemed like things weren’t going to get better anytime soon. Having already having to come to terms with her husband’s death during last year’s epic Enjoy The Ride wedding day bus crash, and the revelation that he had impregnated a student behind her back, Jacqui (Claire Cooper) finally seemed to be rebuilding her life.

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) to battle testicular cancer!

As we reported earlier this month, Nick Pickard had revealed that it was going to be a big year for his Hollyoaks character, Tony Hutchinson and he wasn’t joking! Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know that Tony, the only original cast member still on the show, is about to embark on a new relationship with sixth form teacher, Dianne O’Connor (Alex Fletcher) which fizzles out early on when it becomes obvious that his heart still belongs to ex fiancée, Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper)