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Join us outside the Rovers Return as we cover spoilers and gossip coming up on Coronation Street, one of the nation’s longest running soap operas!

Coronation Street: Old set tour planning special New Year event!

tracy rob engagement partycoronation street (6)

Considering that it is shutting soon, there seems to be an awful lot of news coming out about the Coronation Street tour at the old Granada set.

Only last week we reported to you how several people had reported ghostly sightings on the set which, up until earlier this year, had been the home to the soap since it first began back in 1960, as well as a spooky Halloween visit from Brian Capron, who played the streets first ever serial killer, Richard Hillman, this month too.
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Coronation Street & Emmerdale to work together? Stuart Blackburn spills…


Given that Coronation Street and Emmerdale both air on ITV, it would of course make sense for the producers of both shows to work together when it comes to planning future storylines…

But could a soap cross-over ever be on the agenda?
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Are Michael & Eileen having an affair? Gail thinks so….

gail michael coronation street (19)

Ah, we had really hoped that convicted burglar Michael Rodwell had changed his deceitful ways in Coronation Street, so imagine our disappointment when we heard that Kylie Platt tells her husband David that she has seen Michael snogging Eileen Grimshaw!

But is it all as it seems?
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Being drunk on Coronation Street caused big problems for Chris Gascoyne!

embargo 19 aug coronation street jim peter (2)

Chris Gascoyne has revealed that years of playing Peter Barlow on Coronation Street has taken its toll on him physically.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will have watched Peter sink deeper into the despair of alcoholism, as Chris Gascoyne, the actor who plays him, has delivered hard-hitting story after hard-hitting story, with ease.
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Ohhh there’s a bit of a fight going on at Coronation Street and NOT on screen!

corrie cast photo 2014

It would seem that all is not well over in camp Coronation Street as some of the younger cast members have been complaining about how much they earn in comparison to some of the soaps older cast members.

The Sun newspaper reports that veteran stars of the hit ITV soap are being paid up to SIX times the amount of younger stars’ pay packets, which in some cases is up to £60,000 difference.
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Carla causes problems at Peter’s trial? & Is Roy heading for a breakdown? (VIDEOS)

Coronation Street Peter Barlow trial

It is a big week for Peter Barlow in Coronation Street as his trial for murder takes centre stage of the shows action.

It was, of course, actually Rob Donovan (Marc Bayliss) who pushed barmaid Tina McIntyre off the roof of her flat, before bludgeoning her to death on the pavement below.
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Emmerdale producer Kate Oates call for soaps to be less explosive!


With autumn upon us, the season of drama and breath-taking stunts from all of our favourite soaps, Emmerdale boss, Kate Oates, has called for soaps to go back to their roots!

It is traditional for the residents of Emmerdale, EastEnders, Corrie and Hollyoaks to be worried around this time of year – It is a notorious time for high drama, stunts and a big cast clear out during the fallout.
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Coronation Street: Old Granada set haunted by Victorian spirits!

corrie halloween

The original Coronation Street set in Granada is reportedly being haunted by ghosts dressed from the Victorian era, The Daily Star reports.

Following the cast and crew’s relocation to its new set in Media City UK, Salford Quays, earlier this year, the cobbled streets of Weatherfield, which had been used to film the hit ITV soap Coronation Street since it first began back in 1960, has been open to the public as a tourist attraction.
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Coronation Street to be invaded by killer spiders, but Hayley Tamaddon’s been there already…

spider coronation street

There has been a lot of hype in the media of late regarding the arrival in the UK of deadly spiders, which have apparently left many people with agonising symptoms after coming in to contact with them. And it seems that Coronation Street bosses have decided to cash in on the scary events… Read more & comment »

Coronation Street Spoilers: Richard Hillman to return & more tears from Maria?

Richard Hillman

Richard Hillman

Richard Hillman is arguably one of the most memorable soap baddies of all time, and he is coming back to haunt the cobbled streets of Coronation Street once again.

Hillman (Brian Capron) made his mark in the show as being the first ever almost-serial killer in its history after he took his work as a life insurance salesman far too seriously.
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Has Steve ruined Peter’s chances in court? Chris Gascoyne spills…

Coronation Street Peter Barlow trial

It’s crunch time next week for Peter Barlow in Coronation Street as he prepares to face trial for a murder he did not commit and according to Chris Gascoyne, things don’t look good for the alcoholic bookmaker.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know it was in fact Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) who was the one to push Peter’s mistress, Tina McIntyre, off the roof of the building then bludgeon her over the head with a metal pole earlier this year.
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Peter Barlow die? Chris Gascoyne spills!

peter leanne simon coronation street (1)

It would seem that there are to be no deaths in Coronation Street at all this Fireworks night when the conclusion to the Who Killed Tina McIntyre explodes on screen.

Tina was murdered earlier in the year by Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) after he confronted her over her affair with his sister’s husband, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Carla defends Peter in trial & is Rob about to confess? (VIDEO)

Coronation Street Peter Barlow trial

It is all coming to a head in Coronation Street, and to make sure we are all suitably on the edge of our seats, ITV have released a new trailer featuring all the drama in store.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know that Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) was the person who pushed barmaid Tina McIntyre off her roof and then ran down to the pavement below to finish her off with a blow to the head with a metal pole.
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Coronation Street Spoilers: Rob’s dramatic exit set for Guy Fawkes Night! Marc Baylis teases

marc baylis rob donovan 2

With Peter Barlow about to stand trial for a murder he didn’t commit in Coronation Street, it seems the truth could air just in time for the former bookmaker.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how it was actually Peter’s brother-in-law Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) who killed his former fling, Tina McIntyre earlier this year, but has left all the evidence pointing directly at Peter (Chris Gascoyne).
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Coronation Street spoilers: Andrea & Lloyd getting married & Georgia May Foote’s new career!

Georgia May-Foote - Coronation Street

Following the news that Coronation Street beauty, Georgia May Foote, is to leave the show next February, the actress has secured herself a new career, as a model.

As we have previously reported show bosses decided to write Georgia’s character, Katy Armstrong, out of the show earlier this year, with her exit expected to revolve around her on-screen mother coming back in to her life.
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